anyone have an EZ packer for pontoons?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Chef, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. Don't have one but I have seen one. They are made well enough, and as long as you have a 9' or shorter toon work good.
  2. I have a scadden so I might need to deflate the toons a little so I can bungee the bottoms up so they dont ride to low.
  3. I have used a bicycle rack carrier and it works.
  4. I do this with my frames periodically after building to take them to the powdercoater, unless there are more than one. It works pretty well, imo. Although I have never attempted to do it with the tubes in place, just the frame itself.
  5. Chef
    PM sent, but I have one that a guy made that I dont use if interested.
  6. I have an EZ Packer. Custom made for the back of the motorhome so that we can also tow a car behind. When I get where I'm going, transfer the whole thing to the car. I've made several trips with this rig. The farthest being to Smithers, B.C. You will need to give him specifics, toon make & model, bumper/receiver dims, etc.
  7. spey: Do you like it? Any issues with it?

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