Anyone looking foward to chum?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Peter Pancho, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. I'm trying not to be. Still needing to get into some silvers. I can still count the total of silvers caught on one hand bawling:
  2. Very much so. Though the last two chum runs have left me severely disappointed. Hopefully a few manage to dodge the nets this year
  3. Very much so here too. Four coho, two pinks and a cool nip in the air. I'm dreaming of more coho, brutal nasty chum and floating down a few rivers for some steelhead. I've not experienced Evan's issues the past two years. Chum runs really saved my slim fishing opportunities. Last year was particularly wonderful for me. Work, breaks and fishing seemed to all come harmoniously together and the fish were cooperative too.
  4. They've seemed to do better over on your side of the water. As for my usual river haunts, they've been few and far between. Last fall I was looking for Dollies at what should be the peak of the chum run on a river that is closed for salmon. It should be stacked full of them at this time, and finding dollies milling around behind their redds should be a cakewalk. But in a week of fishing, I saw a grand total of 5 chums. Pretty discouraging experiences.
  5. I've caught very little fish this year... I look forward to smoking a couple chum for my holiday delicacies!

    I still haven't caught a Silver!!!
  6. I love me some chumlies! I haven't faired well with coho in the salt (meaning 0) so the chum always seem to be the cap on the fall season for me before winter steelhead.
  7. A bit premature... however I can understand the frustration. The last two outings have been a bust for Coho. Im going through withdrawal, and need to get out next week... hopefully the tides and time will be all aligned for the pull of some more silver. I've broken two rods, one with Pinks, one on the Silvers. I don't own a 9 wt. anymore, so I can pretty much predict that I'll be sending in more rods before the year is up.
  8. Chum are a great way to wrap up the fall season. However, I'm not going to wish the next few weeks away as the silver fishing has been very good for me.
  9. ooooooh i cant wait till my new fly rod gets here! im going to be down at every river/creek that i normally fish for chummys with it im excited! caught a couple nice silvers last night need a little more rain, to bring these fish in my area
  10. About the only time my 9 weight sees action these days, I will dedicate a day or two to put a bend in the old 9, or should I say attempt to put a bend in the old 9.
  11. if anyone getting out during the week for coho are looking for company, i'm game! fishing by yourself is good and all, but after a few weeks straight of flying solo, i'm ready for something new
  12. E- I'm not going to be as busy this week with the house, so maybe we'll hit up some mid day action.
  13. I'm game for some midweek coho action unless work gets super busy. I'll definitely take a weekday or two off to catch some chum.
  14. Kool, you seem cool and all, but if you are not catching enough fish you need to examine your fishing philosophy of that 30 minute drive limit. There is ample opportunity within your reach.

    Yellowlab, I read you broke two on a pink trip and was floored. I know you had more tools in your toolbox, but reading that report of yours convinced me to find a dedicated Chum rod so as not to use a Native Run GLX, you know what I'm talking about!
  15. Oh time to start tying up some chum dog flies. This will be my first year fishing for dawgs! Time to look into possibly a cheapER 9 or 10wt rod/line. Dont want something to happen to my TiRcX 8wt while fighting chum.
  16. Your TiCrX 8wt is really a 9wt with an 8wt label. My new to me chum rod is the same as yours and I'm not worried about it breaking at all. If it does, a cool check for $25 and a week of transit time and TFO will have it back in your hands. Stimulate the economy and buy another rod if you need to...I've got a 10wt that I won't be using...or use the tools in your happy hands!
  17. I was just worried about the TFO because I got a deal of a life time and never could afford it brand new. I have been using it for pinks in the salt and its a pretty stout rod. I like the fast action of the rod. Really smooth and easy to cast. I really like it over my Reddington CPS fast action. There is a difference between between the two fast action. Now back to the topic of this thread, when do the chum start roaming the south sound? Are they like pinks where they will come in schools along the shore really close in???
  18. After breaking my TFO Teeny 8wt on Chums 2yrs ago, I used what I thought was a weak backup, my 6wt TFO Ticrx. I honestly could not break it on those dogs, I seriously put the bend on them and that 6wt was a serious work horse! Ticrx rods are Strong rods, there would be no way you can break your 8wt ticrx on those puppies.

    There are literally only 2 ways in breaking a rod while fishin: High stick landing or chinking the graphite while casting, which makes the blank weak then eventually breaks...
  19. My goal this year is too land a chum on my 7 weight.
  20. I was thinking last night that the new TFO clouser rod would be one hell of a work horse too.. Being a little shorter and stouter to chuck those clousers and other big weighted flies.

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