anyone practice with big rods and longer line inB'ham?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by golfman65, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. Good old rod that Daiwa Alltmor 10/11/12, it was designed by Mr CND when he worked for Daiwa here in Scotland, it got it's name from Harry Jamieson at Clan rods as he did a lot of hand finishing on Daiwa rods for the Japanese market, and the Allt Mor stream runs through his garden, anyway.
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  2. I knew that it was designed by Nobuo Nodera, but the rest is new to me, and interesting. Thanks, Gordon.

    Klickrolf, I was thinking of putting the Alltmor on the market, perhaps this summer, along with a like-new TFO Hayden III reel and a custom-spliced long belly spey driver. This weather will pass, and we can schedule a mini-clave when the sun returns.
  3. This would be a terrible spot for big rods, but I do most of my casting practice & line tuning at whatcom creek, opposite the hatchery on the tiny gravel bar (river left). Just after high tide, when we've had plenty of rain, there's decent casting space.
  4. We could make this a weekly thing if interested!! Would like to wait for a tiny bit less rain, though the lake shouldn't be too hurt by that I'm hoping?
  5. Practice is good. I'm fishing so little these days, I need it.
  6. I'm going to head out there at some point today. If anyone is interested, message me and we'll pick a time. I don't have any 15's, so I'll be bringing something in the 13' ballpark.

  7. Can't make today Trevor....all my gear is still drying from yesterdays pounding...where was today yesterday?
  8. A bit of rediculous news: There's a new posting on eBay: Item 181102052270: a twenty foot, 12 weight, 4 piece graphite Hardy spey rod; presently at $10.

    The online weather forecast for both this coming Saturday and Sunday is: cloudy, chance of rain 20%. That sounds like reasonable odds.

  9. I'd be game for that Mac, what time will you be there if you go?
  10. Everybody:

    How about this Sunday afternoon? The weather forecast looks promising, and I think it's Paul's only window. I plan to be at Bloedel Donovan Park, at the wading/swimming area starting at around 1 p.m. I've notified the WDFW that we'll be either there or the Nooksack at Nugent's Corner, above the bridge.
  11. I'll do my best...have to see what the kids are doing since they are home for spring break...
  12. got to do the family thing tomorrow guys, sorry but hope you all have fun...I did fish the big stick today for some practice since I didn't
  13. I thought it was today, I have other commitments tomorrow.
  14. I'll be there.
  15. Wayne- Thanks again for bringing your 15'ers out.

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