Anyone Shore Fishing Snohomish River?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by PatrickH, Aug 14, 2013.

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  1. Anyone know of any good shore fishing spots this year on the Snohomish River? I drove around a few weeks ago and couldn't find any good spots along the River Road, but I read online that there is some of places farther up the Snohomish?
    I just introduced my girlfriend to fishing and she hasn't really caught a fish yet and I would like to take her out to catch some Salmon. I couldn't even find 1 place to fish on the Snohomish river, except for a fishing dock on Langus Riverfront Park, but that place sucks.. I like rivers that are not too far across, but I think that might be impossible on the Snohomish river?
  2. look for parked cars - they're all over the place. The only section on the river open is BELOW hwy. 9. I think you'll be ok to head upstream and fish tomorrow - the 15th. Check the regs
  3. There is really not much shore access on the Snohomish. It it mostly bank access. It's affected by the tide. It's up and then it's down, but it's mostly bank access. You don't get much shore access until you get on the Snoqualmie or the Skykomish. Then it abounds.
  4. there's plenty below 520 and above the town of snohomish, but you have to work for it a bit
  5. I'll be going up to those river after I locate some Snoho river places to fish. Right now, I'm going to all the places I can find closer to home and working my way out so I can make a list of fishing spots. Each time lately I been going out, it has been more searching and less fishing.. Off the bank is ok, as long as it's not too high and it doesn't drop off over a few feet right away.
    I Seen one place on Google maps and I went down the road, but on the side of the road in the field it says private property, but it looks like it just might be talking about the field and not the road. Is there a place I can call to find out if this full length of the road is private property?
  6. Try the County. Or walk up the road until you get shot at or find a house that somebody lives at, or you might find a crack house and get shot at anyway.

    I always tend to shy away from a private Property sign unless you can see a house from the road.
  7. Well, last time I went down the road, there is little sections of junk and and old campers or sheds, then a old house toward the end of the road and a gate, but the gate was open. I pretty much stopped at the gate and left the area. But, looking on Google earth, just a little past the gate I see the dirt road that kinda continues to a big section of shore and I seen about 10 cars parked fishing. It's on short school road. Looks like it's a couple roads before a area that people say you need a gate key or buy a pass from the property owner, but not sure how I would even do that. I will probably try to call the county and see what they say about that area. I don't like bothering people by knocking on doors, but I will ask if I see someone. But even then, they might say no access just because they are tired of seeing cars go down their road.
  8. Is anyone familiar with this spot shown in this picture? I see allot of people fishing here, but the road to it has a gate. In this picture, it looks like the gate is closed?
  9. Here's the thing about the internet: You're probably not going to learn about anything but the most obvious of spots. Every river has some access that's off the radar a bit. It's like that because those who enjoy using it don't post about it on the internet for literally anyone with Google to find out about. The Snohomish has access, I found some good spots by barely even trying.
  10. Well I just drove up and down the river and haven't found any places worth casting on. I don't know anyone to ask where places are. So I either sit around and not fish, or I do what I can to try and find a place. There is a place on the river that I hear about all over and they say you have to buy a key or something from the person. But i have no idea where that place is or how to get a key, so..
    I'm not going to leave these images up for long, I just wanted to point out the location I was talking about above and see if anyone knows anything about this spot.
    The places I use to fish on this river many years ago are all gone now.. most of it seems to be private farm land.
  11. Drive the Lowell River road from Everett to Snohomish. After you get past that flood control dam you will have lots of river access. Years ago when the river washed out that road they improved it. It runs closer to the river now with several different places to pull off the road to fish. About a mile before the road crosses under Highway 9. There is a access there where you have a short walk to the river. It is/was well marked the last time I was through there.

    Or maybe you need somebody to hold your hand.

    Most people won't give up their access points. Me, I don't live there anymore so I don't really give a shit if I point someplace out. If I still lived there I wouldn't give out shit.
  12. Looks like the picture is at Douglas Bar. a very popular boat launch/fishing spot.
    Douglas Bar is a pay for spot. you pay for the year to launch or fish. you wont be alone. not really a fly spot. the park across river is better (bob heirman park) spelling? but note: very small parking over there and a long walk to the river with mass folks tossing - well you name it they toss it. good spot for fish, later on in my opinion.
    snohomish is tidal. some places you could fly from the bank will be under water at high tide. very tough for the long rod. it is mostly a boat river unless you toss gear.
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  13. Ok thank you, that was the info I was hoping for.
    Not sure why others have to be such assholes about a fishing spot on a river. Easier to be a dick then helpful I guess..
    bob heirman park was going to be my destination since I know it's good access for me and my girlfriend to go down and fish and is producing fish when the fish are running. When searching online for places to fish on the snohomish, I always hear about the Douglas Bar spot, but not much other info about it, but that must be it since there is a gate and obviously alot of people fishing. I may have to take another trip down that road to see if there is someone outside or some kind of sign letting me know how to get access. If not, I probably wont bother since I don't wanna walk up to peoples houses and bother them.
    Since I don't live in Everett anymore, I usually fish the skagit or the stilly.

    Last time I went down to the boat launce on Lowel, there was a pretty empty parking lot with a tweeker standing at the back of his ca, trunk open with a super large pair of bolt cutters laying next to his car and with some older tweeker lady, so me and my girlfriend decided that we didn't wanna get out of our car and walk down to look at the water as it was pretty much not the person you wanted left alone with your car with no one else around.. The guy had no poles are anything, so it was really out of place for him to be there in my observation, especially looking tweeked out with a pair of bolt cutters.
  14. You almost sounded helpful until you posted that shit..
  15. For yearly access to Douglas, you have to check in at the house next to the gate as they own the property. at least that's how it use to be done.
    oh and please pickup your trash. the snohomish is one of the most trashed streams around.

    welcome, if there are secret spots on the snoho, then the ones i gave here are not them. as i said you Will Not be Alone at any of these spots. but fish move constantly in these rivers so you gotta do the same.
    learn at least 6 spots and that should keep you in the hunt for a bit.
  16. It was helpful. You sounded like you were grabbing at straws. Like I said, most people are tight lipped on places. When you talk about spots, it's not just us that see them. This is the internet and thousands read this stuff everyday. You give away someplace juicy, and the next time you go there there are people all over the place.

    You almost have to go find your own place. When I lived and fished in Washington, I wasted a lot of gas going around and looking for places to wet a line. I still have most of these places in my head. I stick one out every once in a while to a select few. I sure as hell ain't going to tell the whole world about them.
  17. oh sorry for not mentioning the Tweakers. just assume that's a given these days.
    if you live closer to the north rivers, i don't think i would waste my time on the snoho.
    just my 2 cents.
  18. ok thank you.
    I always pick up my trash, even my leader clipping I put in my tackle box.
    For now, I was just looking for common places that most people know about who are from the Snohomish area. I just couldn't find them. All the places I fished at before on the Snohomish river are all gone.

  19. The Snohomish is the last place I wanna fish, but it's open to salmon now and it's not too far away. Good to know spots for the days you wanna fish somewhere different to.
    The Stilly doesn't open for salmon until Sept 1st and the Fly spot further up has a emergency closure for all fish. I'm introducing my girlfriend to fishing for the first time this year and would like to take her out to get some fish. She just bought gear and hasn't been able to catch a good sized fish yet.
  20. Evan explained it to you in his post. You sound like a giant pussyhole btw.
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