Anyone Shore Fishing Snohomish River?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by PatrickH, Aug 14, 2013.

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  1. It's started out with a rude ass comment, then I made a comment about it and the thread is going fine, move on with it. Then a whole bunch of other people have to come into this thread just to drag it on and on and make a long story about how I did this and that, then I have to defend myself because they are not seeing what happen, then someone has to say something stupid on top of that and I have to respond and it all just keeps building on and on instead on the subject. It's a chain reaction of shit. and even page 3, people have to keep coming in and dragging it on and on. If you can't piece the issue together on where it started and where it should have ended, you shouldn't be posting in here. Some are directly rude and some are read the tone and in between the lines. Might as well just remove the thread as it serves no purpose now.
  2. [​IMG]

    This about sums up this entire thread.
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  3. That's certainly one way to look at it.

  4. In with you asking about fishing spots. I answered a post about fishing Stevens pass. I gave almost every river and stream on the wet side. While I didn't give out anything useful I did name the waters.

    Before this thing called the internet, I scouted almost all the water coming down from Stevens pass. I have hit lots of water, found fish. Also places where I told a few people and where I never went back to. They told others and that ruined the fishing. I'll give out a few spots now and then. But what I worked hard for and spent my gas on I won't anymore except to a few here.

    Fishing is exploring but you don't seem to want to explore. You seem like you want it handed to you. Well this is the wrong place to go looking for hand outs. People that are to lazy to go out on their own deserve answers like you got.

    I think I got my dander up. But people who ask for places to fish just crank on my ass. Go put some gas in your rig and go look. So what if Salmon fishing isn't open yet. You have the whole river that is. Go search out spots for yourself. Get a map and go look at the squiggly blue lines. Shit, now I'm pissed.
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  5. Patrick, the goal SHOULD be to impress your girlfriend. There's no shame in that. Your kickoff post indicated that you did want to impress her. Your later post implies that notion makes you look like an idiot. If it is not about impressing your girlfriend then it is about getting folks to tell you spots.

    Show her this thread, that will impress her!
  6. You have no idea how much time and gas I have spent looking for fishing spots and I know allot of places to fish and I am still finding more places, just not on the Snohomish.. Just because I asked if anyone knew of a common place to fish on 1 shit river, you say all that shit.. Shows what kind of person you are. If your so concerned about it, don't even post or look at my thread. I found a more friendly website that list about 8 different locations on the Snoho River. NOT top secrete.. They are common places everyone knows about and they even get posted in the news paper once in a while.. People who live in Snohomish or always fish the Snohomish ofcourse already know and are easy to find because, well.. they know where they are.. NOT A BIG DEAL. IT'S JUST A PLACE TO STAND NEXT TO THE WATER AND CAST A LINE IN.
    So, what. I have to pay people for info? What is this forum for? just talking about other things?
    Look everyone! A fishing spot How many people are going to get so pissed off because I posted this top secrete fishing place.. Now fishing is ruined for everyone..

  7. Yeah, we go out fishing together, it's not a big deal if we catch anything or not. It's just something we do together, no to impress each other.. But since the salmon are running right now, it's time to catch some fish. You people act like it's your river and you own it.. and the thing that gets me the most is how so many of you people act on the subject.. Are you guys that keep talking shit the face of the forum? What if I was some little kid or some older lady looking for a place to take her kids.. You know nothing about me. Maybe I'm in a wheel chair and it's hard for me to get around. Or maybe I'm legally blind, but I can still see a little bit. You say all that shit to me like that, who are you.
  8. Sheesh Patrick if you are disabled, let folks know that up front. Plenty of people here work with the disabled. Me, professionally and personally (my boy is disabled), Jerry D (and a whole bunch of WFF's )for instance are intimately involved in the program Project Healing Waters. Look at what Josh did for little Nielan on fundraising for his Leukemia. Look how Bob T and KerryS and Derrick and others jumped all over that. As for "what if you are a mom looking for place to fish with her kids," there's a thread on that on page one of the board, where to take a 13 year old, pretty much everyone on that thread has some good constructive ideas.

    Know this though, being disabled does not confer sainthood or hall passes on being polite and realistic. If you are sorta blind and wheelchair bound Langus may still be your best bet. That dock sits over a fish superhighway. Time it right and you may be surprised...
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  9. Most of us enjoy the journey. Most of us did exactly what you are describing but didn't see it as BS. Most of us didn't have the internet pointing the way. Enjoy it or not, that is your decision.

    OMJ's comment about holding your hand is what flipped you out. It was one sentence in a post and thread that had quite a bit of solid information in it.

    If you stopped posting like a petulant little kid, you might be met with a bit more constructive advice. Although, the constructive advice from page 1 wasn't exactly what you wanted so you started pissing like a little child. Every subsequent post from you has supported that observation.

    Remember to post up some good spots on the Stilly when a good push of fish arrives. Not just the crappy mud filled high bank log infested waters that none of us want to fish.

    Keep crying and I'll keep calling you on it. Today is a down day for me so I have plenty of time. Sorry to Chris and the mods well in advance.

    Maybe you insulting attitude to a piece of water some of us enjoy is enough to put us off...? Maybe.

    I also offered you a seat in my boat to go chase fish on the salt if you so desired. That wouldn't be a cheap trip for ME but it would give YOU a chance to see some water that maybe you hadn't experienced. Ya, this forum is full of people who are nothing more than a bunch of arseholes.
  10. I'll second the advice of fishing the lower sky. Better foot access and fly water.
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  11. At one point he said he wasn't going to post anymore but here he is. I don't think he knows what he wants except to stir up a shit storm. I don't think I will add anything else to this useless thread. I'm out of here.
  12. Only about 3 miles of the NF is under the emergency closure. There's more than just one "fly spot" up there.
  13. Patrick
    I just drove from Snohomish to Everett - along the river.
    EVERY spot had cars-trails-etc.
    Easy to figure out and some fish as well.

  14. I might dislike him, but only because he won't separate his posts into proper paragraphs. Ugh. Makes my eyes tired.
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  15. Patrick, you are coming off--whether you intend it or not--as having an absolute batshit freakout session here. It is hilarious, I'm sorry to say.

    I'd also like to point out--I just did a simple search for the Snohomish river on Google maps. I've never fished the Snohomish before, but I'm figuring that with that 3 second search I just found at least some places to start out, which are obvious.

    To be honest, you need to get over yourself and do some work, at least a little bit. PT is a stand up guy for offering you a spot in his boat--do you realize what that involves for him?

    Chill the f&^k out, stop posting your formless freakouts, and go fishing in one of the many spots that people have helped you find on here.

    Or, GTFO, go hang out at whatever awesome site you found, and let us get back to reading OMJ's useless fishing reports.
  16. If you can't figure out where to catch a humpy on the snohomish with all the hints given out, your flat out stupid!!! and yes I'm a founding member of the Assholes for life club.
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  17. Excellent paragraph separation's.
  18. wheres the grammar police when you need them?
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