Anyone tried making poke?

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  1. So the wife and I fell in love with poke (pronounced poke-ay) on our recent trip to Hawaii.

    This is sort of the Hawaiian version of sashimi. It's usually ahi tuna (which is, I understand, either big-eye or yellowfin) in raw chunks and sauced in salt and various spices. Our favorite was the poke with wasabi!

    I'd like to try making it at home.

    From what I've seen on the web, if one can't get fresh ahi tuna, you need to find sushi or sashimi grade tuna. So where does one find that sort of tuna here on the Kitsap Peninsula?

    Also from what I've learned you can make it with frozen fish but it's not nearly as good as getting the fresh stuff.

    So any of you WFF'ers made it at home? If so, how?

    TIA! :)
  2. I just had some killer salmon poke from a Hawaiian food truck in Seattle a few weeks ago. Tempted to try to make it myself too. It was pretty similar to the more traditional tuna style but had some kind of tasty sriracha sauce on top.
  3. Asian specialty markets typically have flash frozen ahi, which is a decent substitute ... chunk it up, sesame oil, scallions, sesame seeds, soy, and a bit of wasabi should get you pretty close
  4. Cool! Thanks jersey!
  5. Was just in my local Costco today and saw they had ahi steaks. These were unfrozen and marketed in foam trays with plastic wrap. The label said a product of the Phillipines. I was intrigued but questioned the quality so did some web-searching and was able to find this:
  6. I've had some poke that a friend made using local fresh-caught Albacore, and it was pretty good.
  7. Yeah, I'm kinda wishin' my BIL still owned his tuna boat but he's still working in the commercial fishing industry so I'll have to ask him about where to find some good tuna.

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