Anyone tried RSL lately?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by guitarfisher, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Has anyone fished Rattlesnake in the last few weeks? If so, how'd that work out? I'm considering it as this weekend's anecdote to my "Lone" addiction...
  2. guess I know where Jeff will be this weekend! :)
  3. Not me, but I was thinking the same thing to save ferry fee. I would go this Friday, but got Dr and then going to see Peter White at Jazz Alley. Weather looks better today then Thu or Fri. Will have to check weekend since I will be allowed only 1 day.
  4. Mark, I was thinking of trying RSL this Sunday.

  5. Hi George
    I might see you up there. I will be in a red southfork.
  6. Hi Mark, I'll either be in a camo float tube or a large blue inflatable. Hope to be there about 10ish. Look forward to meeting you.

  7. I tried RSL two Wednesdays ago and got skunked. There was some ice on the lake by the boat launch and it was pretty cold. But, that was my first time at RSL, and I'm not a very experienced fly fisherman, so somebody that know's what they're doing might do better than I did. But it's a gorgeous lake and I'll be back! See you guys out there...
  8. drove up there too day found the water to be high.water was 2-3 feet up the no parking sign.
  9. Looks like the weather pattern is still showing some improvement for Sunday. Target is 51 degrees and partly cloudy. Hope to be there about 10:00am.

  10. Also, 20% chance of precip and 5mph southern breeze. Sounds like perfect conditions! :thumb:

    I'll be there 8-ish.
  11. Hi Guitarfisher. I'll see you Sunday morning. I look forward to meeting you.

  12. Likewise George. Let's rip some lips! ;)
  13. Maybe another member will chime in, I'm fairly sure a gelb bespaclted canine fished it this week. I could be wrong though.

    I expect reports.

  14. We pounded it hard with only 1 to hand on Wednesday. Think it had to do with the full moon. Note to self, dont fish around the full moon. A week ago the fishing was decent and many fish middling but last week was slow. Marking Alot of fish down at 32 feet but all the tactics proved to be unsuccessful. It should be fishing well today or tomorrow.
  15. 32'? How deep is RSL?

    Looking forward to trying it. Bummer it didn't fish better.

  16. I didn't think it was that deep but then again maybe it is. I'll let you know tomorrow evening how it's fishing.

    Tight lines.

  17. Been around the lake, in parts 50'+ the water was especially high from all the rain that we've been receiving, and as previously mentioned the ramp and the sign are mostly covered by water. If you Chironomid fish, make sure both your anchors have at least 60'+ of rope.
  18. 60+! I don't think I'll be anchoring in that. I once anchored in 50' but that was an excercise in futility but man the bugs were popping there.

    More rope huh.

  19. Well, if you fish places in B.C. you'll learn that the big fish are caught in 40+' of water routinely if thermocline, ideal mud interface, temperature, and comfort of fish feeding actively in deep water. We do much of our fishing in deep water especially in the heat of the summer and security from predation. Not to say this is always the case, but some of the best stillwater fisherman that I know and fish with are deep water experts.

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