Anyone tried RSL lately?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by guitarfisher, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. I guess most the lakes I fish are no deeper than 35 feet or so.

  2. Mark, it was a pleasure meeting you today and thanks for the flys. I managed to hook up with two nice 12 inchers with the blue fly.

    Tight lines.

  3. George
    Glad it worked for you. Not sure when you left. Fish were active yesterday all day long, with the great weather. Using a neighbors pram was tough since it was not setup for me the way I would like. I will hit it again this week or weekend. Hope to see you again.
  4. Mark, I'm going to try to hit RSL either Friday or Saturday. I'll let you know later in the week.

  5. Last Sunday I measured a lot of water in middle of the lake at 56 feet.
  6. I'm pretty sure I'll be at Rattlesnake on Saturday.
  7. Hi Maryfish, I'll be there as well and look forward to meeting you. I'll have a camo float tube.
  8. I need to make it to this lake.

  9. mary will be in my red pontoon.
  10. change of plans
  11. I'm planning on being at RSL about 9:30 ish on Saturday for anyone that can make it. See you then.

    Thight lines.
  12. Hey guys,
    it's great to hear about rattlesnake. I'm really new to flyfishing.

    do you have any suggestions for flys and depth? you guys are saying 50'....i dont even think i know how to fish 50' deep....

    i'm planning on fishing tomorrow morning. not really sure if i'll go to rattlesnake, beaver, or lone. (btw this is my first post on this forum) :)
  13. It is usually nice to introduce yourself prior to asking questions / looking for advise.

    With that said, I'd suggest doing a search on this site to see what info already exisits. Then, ask your new questions.

    Also, you could just show up at RSL and, perhaps, get some pointers.


    Be advised that in the spring, chronies also do well on RSL.

  14. Oh sorry!
    I'm Jeff from issaquah. I was up at lone lake last saturday with JC. He introduced me to this site. Told me that it would be a good place to start learning. I've spin fished my WHOLE life! (20ish years) haha. i'm really new to flyfishing and just really want to learn something new and found that it's a lot more fun to fish and actually fight fish, even the smaller ones.

    Thanks scott for the advise. I'm excited to move primarily to fly fishing. Just trying to figure out where to start.
  15. Hi Jeff, welcome to the site. If you look through the threads you'll find several really great pieces written by Ford Fender spelling out the " how tos" of getting started and fishing still water. You can also join a club there is a great one in Issaquah and you can always talk to some of the guys you see on the lake. Most are glad to help.

  16. George, thanks for the suggestions. I've been reading the forum for about an hour now. Trying to learn as much as i can.

    I wasn't able to find "ford fender" or "how tos" when i did a forum search but i'll keep an eye out for their stuff.
  17. Hi Jeff! I am a student of JC. You took the classes from him, right? how did you like Lone? I hear you did great and JC sent me a picture. Congrats! JC mentioned you were thinking of getting a pontoon. Did you do so? I will be hitting Lone on Sunday. I try to fish every weekend at least once and twice if my wife is out for the weekend or there is a three day weekend.

    Also Jeff, if you scroll through this area (still water forum) through the pages you will find stuff by Ford Fendor. Awesome information and a lot to think about. I would suggest reading it once, then twice. Then go fish the place and then come back and read it again. Then plan on reading all of them again at some point or another once you getm ore experiance with fly fishing.

    Great to have you aboard Jeff. I am glad you got some lessons from JC. He is a great guy and great teacher.
  18. jjcheng:

    Some info for ya. Courtesy of the boys at Creekside! I see you are in Issaquah, ya might just stop in there for some tips. Course, you could also spend a few $'s for the advise.

    Lakes: I have on good authority that lone lake is fishing well up on Whidbey Is. if you're up that direction hit Pass too and try to rope a jumbo brown or bow. Rattlesnake is ok too, just find a calm day if you can. It gets windy up there and you'll get blown to the other end of the lake and get your tube wrapped around a log and have to walk back. Not that that's ever happened to me before... your typical tactics this time of year should look something like, drag a Hale Bopp Leech or Goat Leech around with maybe a tan or olive Soft Hackle behind it for a couple hours. Maybe you go old school and go with a Carey Special or Halfback. Then you might get tired of kicking around and put on a little indicator and a Frostbite Chironomid or an Ice Cream Cone or oooooooo, a Double Dipper Chironomid and drop them a few feet off the bottom and hang on. And if you capture a few fish you'll think life is pretty good and forget all about the early lake opener on the Eastside that is a mere month away. Or, I heard someone landed a 25 pound fish out of Rufus Woods so you could go stand in line over there too with all dudes soaking powerbait.

  19. Water level is still high as of yesterday. Not much space to launch multiple boat at the same time. Yesterday was a beautiful day with very little wind. Nobody on the lake except for me. Fishing was tough, but I didnt care since I was not at the office.
  20. Hi Mark, how was the catching? Any special magic yesterday?


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