Anyone up for a steelhead fly swap??

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by pwoens, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. pwoens

    pwoens Active Member

    Im looking at maybe putting on a steelhead fly swap for wet flies (winter run focal point)?? Anyone up for it??

    EDIT: if this becomes a GO, I will be tying a double egg pattern (and I dont want to hear any smack about using egg patterns;)).

    ~Patrick ><>
  2. andrew

    andrew Active Member

    I'm me just another reason to sit in front of the vice!
  3. East Fork

    East Fork Active Member

    I'm in.
  4. Stephen Rice

    Stephen Rice Senior Member

    I'll do it !
  5. pwoens

    pwoens Active Member

    Alright, its official. Here are the rules:

    #1 steelhead flies only
    #2 wet flies only (no bombers or dry flies)
    #3 no spey patterns :p
    #4 I dont care what kind of materials or how they are made
    #5 instructions are not reuired with your fly, just the fly itself....if you want to include a tag and instructions for tying and fishing feel free, but its not required.
    #6 due date is September 14th(same as streamer swap for those involved) 3 1/2 weeks to tie
    #7 12 tiers total.

    any questions :dunno ??

    oh and one last thing...heavily weighted flies rule :thumb !!!

    ~Patrick ><>
  6. Stephen Rice

    Stephen Rice Senior Member

    Yeah anyting in particular ? I don't want to duplicate. any special fly you guys like and you use alot ? just let me bout a winter's hope ?
  7. pwoens

    pwoens Active Member

    sounds good to me...what about anyone/everyone else's pattern.

    So far:

    winters hope
    double egg

    ~Patrick ><>
  8. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    Hey, don't you kinda contradict yourself on 3 and 4? First you say no spey flies, then you say can be tied anyway you want with any materials. What if I, umm, make a fly with spey feathers, spey style, and call it a Green Butt Skunk???? :p

    I'm game. Just finishing one on my board, then doing one on another board, why not do one here too? LOL
  9. andrew

    andrew Active Member


    JUST KIDDING!!!!:thumb mums the word
  10. pwoens

    pwoens Active Member

    SH69 is banned from the swap!!!

    ok, thats can not participate now!!! bad sh69!!! :rofl

    So what fly are you going to grace our presence with? Cant wait to see it.....and no comments about my tying skills!!! :p

    ~Patrick ><>
  11. pwoens

    pwoens Active Member

    you had to go and blow my cover....I had this hidden agenda to get that recipe!!! you blew my plan!!!! uggggg

    ~Patrick ><>
  12. Mike Colagrossi

    Mike Colagrossi Whammo!

    SH69 is banned from the swap!!!

    Sorry for the repeat ... to excited had to post twice!:D
  13. Mike Colagrossi

    Mike Colagrossi Whammo!

    I want in!! Just let me know when to start tying and where to send them!!

  14. alpinetrout

    alpinetrout Banned or Parked

    Just go to Hill's site and buy some Cop Cars.
  15. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    SH69 is banned from the swap!!!

    LOL, I thought I was banned??? ;) I think I may tie a REALLY webby green butt skunk actually, since we're not allowed to tie speys. :p Not sure yet. Depends on my orders. Usually once I'm in tying mode, I simply add another dozen while I'm doing it. Just got done tying a load of wogs. But not sure everyone wants those. LOL

    We'll see. Have a pattern I might do.
  16. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    SH69 is banned from the swap!!!

    Since I don't tie and I like your flies. How about giving them a snake fly. From what I have seen about it, it isn't a spey fly.

    Jim: Who has trouble tying his shoes. Thank god for velcro.:beathead
  17. Obsessed

    Obsessed Member

    Count me in!

  18. Hal Eckert

    Hal Eckert Member

    Hmmm another steelhead fly swap, first time back to this site in two months since our home PC went south.

    Hard to resist right SH69 ? LOL

    Have to think about it and my schedule.


  19. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    Geez,all we need now is Bobk and the circle will be complete. Welcome back Black Ghost. From one old man to another.:rofl


    BOBLAWLESS New Member

    I want in. I want in. I've gotta get in.
    So I take a nap and when I plug this wire box in, I see this list as long as my...leg. Need a lottery here to be fair, Paddy.
    I will tie my famous Bob's Indispensible Dispensible, a fly that is very practical for runs were you snap off a lot of flies but you still want to fish it. You can tie several dozen of these in a matter of minutes. Good as anything else at times.
    Bob, the still napy.:rolleyes :rolleyes :rolleyes

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