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  1. So I've been tying flies for a long time now, since fourth grade. I'm now almost 50, so over the years I've often wondered about a new vise. Recently I visited my local shop and looked at the Regal Medalian pedistal vises, this vise allows good up and down movement, has strong jaws and also allows the fly to be swiveled around 360 degrees. Then I looked on line to see if the shop price was in line with on-line shops, it was. But I came across the Nor-vise - a ball bearing vise that allows the fly to be tied using that 360 degree movement. I wonder if anyone has any experience with these two vices? I guess I'm just wondering what others think about either of these vises before I actually make a firm decision on one or the other. Any information or advice is welcome.
  2. Guys that like the Nor-vise usually love it for the rotary function. The bobbins and tubefly adaptations are also excellent. Norvise is a bit more awkward to set up and takes a bit more space, imho.
    Regal Medallion seems smooth and the cam action is good with excellent holding power. There was talk of the jaws chipping on some earlier vises, if I remember correctly.
    The Renzetti traveller would also be a good one, in a similar price range, with a solid rotary function. Best to try out a few demo vises in your fave shop to see what you like best.
  3. Regal is an excellent choice, Renzetti is also something to consider, so many good vises out there. I have Renzetti and also griffin odysey old model, wich I love and my all day choice for big flies de patriot cam. Check this vises out.
  4. The Regal Medallion is OK, but the rotary function on it needs some work. The Renzetti traveler would be the way to go. IMHO
  5. I've been tying flies since age 9. Since I'm now 58, that is 49 years. I've also tied flies commercially 3 times in my life, and as a result, I've tied several million flies. I've also taught about 200 people to tie flies over the years, both in group classes and individual lessons. That said, here are my thoughts:

    The Norvise is a very high quality vise. Be forewarned though that folks either love it or hate it. There doesn't seem to be any middle ground with it. Therefore, I suggest you tie some flies on it (like is a dozen or more) to see if you really like it, or not. If the answer is I'm not sure, be very careful about buying one for yourself. If however, you really, and I mean really as in "I can't believe I never used one before", like it, buy it because you'll love it. Otherwise, pass on it.

    The Regal you mentioned is another great vise. If you don't really need a good rotary vise, it is an excellent choice that you will be very happy with. If you really need or want the rotary function of a rotary vise, a different vise than this Regal would be a better choice.

    Griffin makes several excellent rorary vises and all of them sell for less than $200.00. All of the Griffin rotary vises hold hooks with a vengence, hold up extremely well, are well-made, and will last the average tyer a lifetime. Plus, replacement parts are readily available at very reasonable prices.

    If you wish to have a true high end vise, Renzetti has the P2000, a super value at under $300.00, the P4000, more expensive than the P2000, but they have the same jaw system, and the Master Vise, one of the most expensive vises on the market at over $600.00. The Renzetti Traveler is a decent, lower-cost rotary vise, but it isn't any better than the Griffin rotary vises, and it costs more. It's jaws (meaning the Traveler only) also don't hold up as well as the Griffin's jaws.

    The Peak vise is another rotary worth looking at. It is a great value, so don't let its lower price fool you into thinking it isn't any good.

    Dyna King makes my favorite vise, the Baracuda. They also make the Baracuda, Jr. These are among the best vises in the world with prices about the same as a Norvise or the Renzetti P4000.

    The Nor vise, which I've already spoken about. Terrific vise if you like it after tying on it, otherwise, it is no more than an expensive boat anchor if you don't. Sorry about being so blunt, but this is the only vise I've found in all the years I've been tying that has that love-it or hate-it reaction with no middle ground from tyers.

    HMH is another high quality vise that many folks love.
  6. I've only tied on a standard Regal in a tying class. I have a Nor-vise and really enjoy tying with that setup.
  7. I am a nor-vise user also.I tied on standard vises for years in the past.I recently switched to a Nor-vice after looking at one for years.They are right that it takes some getting used to.If you go on you tube there are many videos of the vice being used.Take a look!
  8. I've got all three vises. I got the Regal after my Thompson gave up the ghost and used it all the way up to I bought the Renzetti traveller. The rotary Renzetti is the one I use all the time now.
  9. I've had a Regal since 1990, still have the same one. I've also tied commercial quantities since then and have never had problems with the vise.
  10. My bench vise is a Dyna King Barracuda. I have a Regal Medallion in my travel kit. If you value simplicity, I don't think you can beat the Regal.

    If you want full rotary, try as many as you can before you buy. While the basic function is the same, every brand has it's own set of "quirks" that will either endear you to the style or turn you away.
  11. Vosseler and Renzetti here, sold my Regal
  12. i looked and tried both of those vises when i was buying a new vise a couple years ago i cant complain they are both good vises i ended up with a peak vise at the time just because i could get it the cheapest but i would have been happy with any of them it really just comes down to which one feels right when tying what vise do you have now?
  13. Renzetti Traveler

  14. Love my Regal.. Just sold my Danvise since i never used it... Almost never.. My next vise will be a Nor-vise!! Have Norms bobbins and they rock!!!!!
  15. I have a Regal, Renzetti Traveler and the Norvise. Like others here, the Norvise took some getting use to but it is my vise of choice now. I use the Regal for flies with larger hooks as it has a great holding capacity with a notch for the hook bend. The Renzetti Traveler was my go to vise until I got the Norvise.

    Dr Bob
  16. Another satisfied Norvise user. I have a Renzetti Traveler for my portable tying kit and I still like tying with it as well. If you get a Norvise, watch all the utube videos to get started right. My only problem is with the bobbins-I hate it when I let go of the thread and have to rethread it-Which happens less all the time! Rick
  17. I've been using a Renzetti Traveler for probably 8 years and I've never had any problems with it besides the jaws are beginning to get a little grooved from heavy use. It's all the vice i'll ever need and I'd reccomend it to anyone.
  18. I own them both and much prefer the Nor Vise. Look at the Nor Vise website to watch Norm Norlander tie with the Nor Vise.
    I no longer fish or tie. My Nor Vise is looking for a good home (I'm not looking for a great profit) rather than ending up in my wife's Good Will container.
    Reply privately if interested.
  19. I love my Norvise and have a regal. I don't know much about the others. If your not in a hurry, you can check out many different vices at the Ellensburg Fly Fishing Fair.

  20. I've had several vises starting with a Thompson "A", and ending with a real live , made by the man himself - LAW which I sold after about a year. The LAW tightens with a wheel and the wheel seemed to be where my hand wanted to be fairly frequently otherwise it's wonderful. A lot like a Barracuda at ~4x the price.

    I now have a Barracuda, a non rotary Regal, and a Nor-Vise which has a set of midge jaws with it and a tube kit. The Regal is fast and doesn't get in the way. Many many
    flies were tied on it and the lack of a rotary feature wasn't ever a problem. You can open and close the jaws so fast and so smoothly it isn't any trouble to flip a fly upside down. You can't put the fly sideways. That doesn't come up much for me.

    The Barracuda is fast, trouble free and rotates for access to all over a fly. You can probably use it for rotary application of materials, but I've not. It is friendly and
    disappears while tying. I notice it again when removing a finished fly and reloading the jaws with a new hook. You'll like the vise and the cam lever for the jaws is out of
    the way.

    The Nor-Vise is fast and you can tie even teeny flies with the standard jaws. The midge jaws allow better hand position but may not be necessary unless you go really
    small a lot of the time. Coupled with the special bobbin, you can whip out some flies with the Nor-Vise. Soft hackles virtually fly off the thing thanks to rotary application of materials, and you can lock the head so that the fly stops top, bottom and both sides. For flies like the Carey Special and Snipe & Yellow, Carrot Nymph you need to
    prepare the feathers ahead of time because the flies go together so fast on a Nor-Vise.

    Choices: Only one vise = Barracuda. I prefer pedestal bases.
    Mostly medium to big and especially steelhead/salmon/saltwater flies = Regal also my budget choice 'cause that is when I bought it longer ago than I care to say. You
    can tie small on this vise, but the width of the jaws creates some issues when the hook gap gets small.
    Mostly soft hackles or soft hackle like, and medium sized bugs size 8 4XL to std #16 the Nor-vise will serve well and will do anything where the materials can be spun on
    faster than any of the other tools.

    The vise holds a hook tight where you want it so you can manipulate materials onto that hook. This bunch all do that ... no problem.

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