Anyone use any of these vises?

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Jon Brengan, Feb 14, 2012.

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    One vise is all anyone needs. I have four, a Renzetti, a DynaKing, a cheap post vise and a Nor. All do the job. After all their job is to hold a fish hook, not control space flight. That said, if you can get access to a Wasatch J vise (that's not a typo) try it before buying one. Taint cheap, but the ability to put your hand in the J lets you apply materials with greater ease and precision.
  3. Renzetti traveler. its my on and only vise. besides my 20 dallor first vise. Nor-nise are great looking vise's but look like they are made for people tha tie thousands of flies! Saw Nor himself doing a demo with his vise at the sportsman show not to long ago and he can tie stuff a lot fast with his vise.
    I would say Renzetti
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    I have owned both. Tied thousands of flies on the regal. I loved it but got
    a chance to try a norvise. I loved it. Just added the find point jaws, what a
    fantastic attachment. But try before you buy anything. You may find the perfect
    vise you may not have even thought of before. Fly tying clubs are a great place
    to try other vises.
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    Peak here. Great value, the vise is worth every penny. Excellent value, been tying on it for 3-4 years now and still works excellent after a few thousand flies. Regal Traveler goes with me on multi day excursions in case I need to replenish the box.
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    I like them all, but the regal is the one I leave set up, because so many times I'll go from tying a big fly to a small one, and it's just that tiny little second of not having to adjust the jaws. Silly, but oh, well.
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    I own a Nor-Vise and a Dan-Vise. Both are rotary, but the Nor-Vise advertises itself as a "Fly Lathe." It's an accurate statement, because while many of the excellent vises mentioned above are able to be turned, the Nor-Vise is really MEANT to be turned, even spun. I'm a mediocre fly tyer, and not too fast, but I do enjoy the Nor-Vise for it's ability to spin on. Keep in mind, when you wrap anything around a hook, you twist the material one time each turn. Not with a Nor-Vise - the material keeps the same orientation to the hook. That is sometimes an advantage. I have a tough time with small flies, and use the also very good (and cheap!) Dan-Vise for those, but 80% of my tying is on Norm's creation. Plus I just like Norm. I also concur that you should check out You-Tube videos of not only Norm Norlander and his Nor-Vise, but other tyers that use other vises - it's a good way to see how they are used in the hands of some experts.
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    FT, and weiliwen, are right.

    I've done all these vises. The thompson or a clone, the regal or a clone (I bought a cabela's clone a few years ago) and the norvise. I'm now a norvise guy, but it is in fact a cult. It is a remarkably smooth and fast rotary. That is how it differs from other rotarys. I needed to relearn things I'd done for decades ((i've been tying 40 years) but with an open mind, it really does revolutionize how you tie. I really do tie better flies, faster, and waste less. No, I don't do it professionally, just for my own use and enjoyment. And if there's better customer service, I've not heard about it.

    In the end, I'm sure any alternative will add to your experience. I loved my regal, I had to work to love the norvise, but in the end, it was worth it for me.
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    i wore out the jaws on the danvice and bought a dynaking for $150 which was too much cause it does not hold a hook worth crap. i like the rotary but it is not as good as a norvise. mike w
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    I have a Thompson A (first vise - 30 years old) and a Regal Medallion. I had a nor Vise, but got rid of it because I keep going back to the Regal for hook holding power. It was fun to play with, but not the most user friendly vise. I liked the Nor Vise bobbins though.
    My next vise is a Dynaking Barracuda.....I think between a Dynaking Barracuda and the Regal, I will not need another vise..
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    AM I the only one that owns a Vosseler? Such a sexy vise!
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    Yes you are so right it is a sexy design for sure, but wont hold bigger hooks.
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    How big you talking? Size 2
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    I acquired a vosseler in trade recently after just getting back into tying. I found that I had a hell of a time figuring out the jaws. Just could not seem to find the trick to holding a hook solidly. Mine has the smaller jaws that days they are good down to size 14. I tried some size twelve scud hooks and natural bend hooks and just didn't get it to work right. Shortly after I ended up with a nor vise which I freaking love so I haven't messed with it anymore. If I can get a feel for it I may keep it for a travel vise. If not it'll be in the classifieds. Sure is cool looking!
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    Nor Vise is pretty much heaven, I give you that. I love the Vosseler though and use it at shows. The small jaws actualy hold my #32's and the larger jaws are a hole. Stick the hook through the hole and tighten, it isn't going anywhere. I have put a #2 hook in it and that was as big as I go. and about as big as my Renzetti will go as well.
    I also like that you can put the jaw any where you want...LOL

    Oh and it sticks to a windshield really well.
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    my first vise was a pair of vicegrips in 1955 in cheney. it was held in place by a big catalog. my bobbin was my hand. and the williams lake special was born. the wa limit was 12 and the idaho limit was 20. mike w
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    I've been using a Thompson model A my old man gave me 50 years ago. I have no idea how many thousands of flies I've tied over those 5 decades on that old vise, but it's never given me a bit of trouble. I'm going to pop for a Nor-Vise, the bobbin, spare spools, bench clamps, and small jaw accessories. Who knows, maybe I'll just end up using the Nor-Vise in a fixed position (just like the old vise). Of course the Thompson ain't leaving my bench either.
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    Hard to say what vise to get. The NOR-VISE is a wonderful design and a great quality product. I tried one, didn't like it, and sold it. I didn't care for the permanent fixed horizontal position and the fixed thread post which always seemed to be in the way. I also found it difficult to get good access to the hook with my fingers especially on smaller flies. These dislikes are just my personal preferences. Over the years, I've owned and tried a lot of vises: Renzetti Presentation, Regal, Dyna King, HMH etc. There are so many good ones out there. Best suggestion: go to the shops, the shows, friends etc. and try 'em out. I still tie on a vise I bought in 1963. It was one of - maybe the first?? - rotary vises that I know of. It was made by Universal Vise Co. who also sold fly tying tools and materials. Some of the old timers out there will remember Universal. Anyway, the vise has been modified (improved) over the years but still does the job. I recently found another so I'll have parts. And, it is not a fixed position so I can make it horizontal for rotary tying or angle the jaws for comfortable tying while still being able to rotate. My 2012 letter to Santa will contain only one item: A Dyna King Ulitmate Indexer Vise!
    Thanks, Jackd
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    I switched t the Nor-vice and wont use anything else. Tons of add on parts and the retractable bobbins are the greatest. A little awkward to use at first but after watching the video and tying a few flies I got the hang of it quickly
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    I suggest trying them out. A few years ago I read all of the forums and reviews and narrowed it down then tried a few. I settled on the Renzetti 4000 because it worked best for me. I have no complaints after a few years and no desire to get a different vise. I tie from Rocky Ford (size 22) to Steelhead (size 1.5) on mine with the same set of jaws.