Anyone use Pressure Release Valves?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Ed Call, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. While browsing the Outcast site I noted some summit pressure release valves that can be used to keep pontoons from expanding and blowing out. I know the human factor should be enough and have gotten into a good practice of deflating some when done before or as I put the pontoon atop my POS Pathfinder's custom pontoon carrying rack (ghetto conduit but heads turn!!!).

    Anyone use these things? Summit pressure release valve part number 350-000171? They are $6.50 each and my boat has four valves. I'm just wondering if it is a worthwhile $30 investment, what do you think?
  2. These are for pressure release and you can't put air in through them. You still have to have your valve for inflation/deflation. You have to install a valve boot into your tubes to install these. They aren't for replacing your inflation valves. Generally, they are used in infatable selfbailing raft floors to limit the pressure.
  3. Thanks Shapp, knew some crafty float veterans would set me straight.
  4. I simply wouldn't cut holes in my Outcast tubes to install pressure relief valves.
  5. I thought they were add ons atop the valve, not needing new holes. not interested in any new holes in anything. Thanks
  6. My raft has them and they are on the opposite end from the fill valves.
  7. But you have to cut holes to put them in? Not interested in that...I'll practice judicious deflating!
  8. Outcast... 800-966-0976

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