Anyone used these fancy rio anti twist spey swivels?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by JesseC, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. Great video. It's also important to make those loops as big as possible because the less line in hand the less chances of running line tangle. I hate when I get those little running line knots and having to stop everything to fix just in case a monster steelie gets on and strips my eye guides out.
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  2. I am going to say this one more time; in thirty years of fishing with a two handed rod I have never had problems with line twist. I do nothing special while stripping in line. I strip, I hold a couple of loops, I cast, I swing. No line twist. I am still trying to figure out where all this line twist comes from.

  3. Congratulations Kerry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I think my brain exploded. Looking forward to getting on the river to give this a whirl to see if it solves the issues. I'm beach fishing tomorrow..... might have to go swing some useless water instead.
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  5. How many loops are you guys running? Maybe I don't cast as far but I never run more than 2 loops(7 and 6 pulls).

    Seems like carrying loops of less than 4 pulls and your running line comes off the water to easily and causes issues.
  6. Three "coils" of 5 pulls on the big rivers.
  7. You are a wealth of information Jesse. Did you buy the over priced useless swivels?

  8. You know I did!
  9. On intermediate skag heads of large dia.- 570 grns on up to 630 grns- which is what I am fishing.
    I have found the heads to spin in current, thus ruining a couple spools of slick shooter for me..
    I use swivels on the back of these sinkers to mono shooter..Bought my own sz 14 hi strength crane swivels alot cheaper that those that r posted---works great!! I run big game optic in 40-50# now cause its cheaper too..
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  10. Kerry it seems to be really relative to how much running line you are constantly handling. I notice it a lot more with 20' skagit heads on bigger water where you may be stripping 50-60 feet of running line all day. I do think the intermediate skagit heads (both short and submerged) do actually spin a bit in some instances.

    Obviously this could make a case for fishing a longer head and handling less running line on bigger rivers. But for me personally I find more versatility with the short head and can deal with a little twisting now and then while giving a little extra thought into how I deal with my coils of line. Plus I catch so many beautiful bull trout doing all that stripping.

    I also am in the anti swivel camp on my rods. Doesn't seem right, but whatever works!
  11. This is why I am confused. I fish Skagit heads almost exclusively. I would say I am handling 30 to 50 feet of line depending on the run being fished per cast. I get no line twist to speak of. Oh well. I guess I will have to live with it. No fancy over priced swivels for me
  12. one cause of running line twist is not casting all of the line you have stripped off the reel. if you come tight every cast, you likely will have little to no line twist versus someone who doesn't cast all their line.
  13. Interesting. Never heard this before. I have heard don't have more line out then you can cast comfortably. Wonder if line twist was the basis for that.

  14. Ya what he said too...But I'm stickn to my guns bout the large dia. intermediates---just saying:D
  15. I tried the loops vs coils. Don't get me wrong it does work well, but feels weird. There is another way though, when doing line pulls, count the pulls and go one less on the next to prevent tangles. So, for example pull in 5 times, next time 4, next time 3 etc. Also, it helps to hold the shooting line in the upper hand on the rod to keep it out of the water. There many ways to skin a cat just saying this works for me!
  16. The line twist I speak of isn't probably what you're imagining. I'm not talking about what happens when you fish a blue fox spinner all day without a swivel. I'm not talking about a ratnest. It's a long process that over time leads to increased tangles at the first guide. Picking out those tangles create kinks. Kinks in high wear areas get worse and eventually the running line gets a little beat up. For me it's minor but that twisting does seem to be the culprit and a little preventative maneuver keeps your running line "fresh" and tangle free longer and makes for happy shooting and better fishing for me anyways.

    I do agree shooting all your line and barking the hardy at the end not only feels good but does help the situation. But I've been known to hold onto a loop and let it feed into the drift on impact and help sink that fly a little more.... My $.02
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