Anyone want to chase steel this Sat?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Thomas Williams, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Ok so my normal spots are blown out right now from the rain and im fairly new to spey fishing so I was hoping to link up with someone and hit a spot im not familiar with. I usually fish the rivers out south towards grays harbor and have yet to venture north. Anyone want to link up and hit one of the fishable rivers? Ive got gas money and also a pontoon boat if a float is a possibilty. If your interested let me know. Id be willing to take you to my spots once the river comes back into shape. Im kinda bummed too because I hooked 3 last saturday.
  2. Hitting the Snake and possible the Ronde if the temps stay up... its a bit more of a cruise though!
  3. Thats too far for me I live outside of Tacoma. I would love to fish those rivers though!
  4. Mid to low 20's over here this weekend. Cold but I still might get out Saturday for a few on the snake but the GR should be just about an icy mess. I would rather be on the wet side for fishing rather then chipping ice ;)
  5. I'll probably hit a couple runs on one of the S rivers if you would like to meet up.
  6. Sure im game. Pm me.
  7. Ill be fishing the Snake. Although i heard that the last two days have been decent down by the mouth of the Ronde with our warmer temps. But these next few days are going to fill that thing right back up with chunks.
  8. ITs a bummer i am getting screws removed from my foot on friday so i will be down for a few days. The last 3 weeks i have been trying to find a buddy to go fish the skagit, sauk, and stilly with. Needless to say i did it all by my lonesome.

    4258901655 if you ever want to go again.
  9. I'm alwase lookin for someone two swing with all my buddy's are gear junkies shoot me a pm some time I think I'm busy this weekend
  10. Yes definitley, PM me you guys. I only know 1 other person who fly fishes so im always out there by myself too. Maybe we can trade spots and do some adventuring. Shoot me your numbers and we can set something up. I have the 18th thru the 21st off and plan to be on the water at least 2 of those days.
  11. Bass Turds - I'd fish with you. I live in Arlington.I fish alone most of the time. My only issue is the frickin cold. When it's below around 36/37 I just don't enjoy it as much as I should. May close before it ever warms up. I'm planning on going to the Occupy Skagit though and meeting some of you guys.
  12. Managed to get on the water Saturday. A big thanks to Steffan Brown! He was kind enough to take me to a couple spots and helped me dial in my casting. We fished some beautiful runs on the Sky but nothing to show for it but iced up guides. Steffan managed to land a pretty Bull which was cool for me to see. It was great to get out with someone on the forum. Hope to do it again soon.

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  13. My pleasure bud... Next time we need to try some of that ice off you were talking about. Post up that photo when you get a chance. Looking forward to next time.

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