Anyone want to tie snelled flies?

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by David Bershtein, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. I need them to fish with, not to mount on the wall. Please PM me if interested
  2. Dude, getting kinda old, just saying
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  3. One of my mentors snelled most of his trout flies (wets) in sizes 12, 14 and 16. Beautiful to behold. Of course, that was back in 1963. I have a few around somewhere.
    I'm wondering why you want to make/use snelled flies? It is easier to tie a snelled fly onto your leader while fishing. OTher than that, why?
  4. Pat, what is getting old: snelled flies?, yes they are? me? - yes I am 61? My idea - I hope not? PM me with criticism, always appreciated.
  5. Jack, my old, shaky fingers cant tie flies on tippet. I am looking for fly tiers to make a modern take on snelled flies: fly is tied on tippet in the usual way. A length of 6.5" tippet is left on with a loop. I have leaders made w loop at tippet end. I can then make a loop to loop connection w my shaky old hands.

    This is all Seattle's fault: I had a bone marrow transplant at the Fred Hutch Cancer Inst. in 04 and my hands have been shaky ever since. It also messed up my balance and I go ass over tea kettle into the stream every now and then but I refuse to give up :)

    Jack, is my idea clear? I had chemo today and am a bit fuzzy
  6. David,
    If you have the flies and the tippet material, anyone, even a non-tier/angler, can learn the two knots required and do the "snelling". Loop to loop is good. Easy on eyes and hands. I figured that is what you were thinking of.
    Perhaps a friend, neighbor, family member etc. can do for you?????
    Good luck.
    PS We all go ass over tea kettle into the stream every now and then. Builds character:)
  7. What is getting old is the sneaky way you've come up with to spam the website.Three threads in a row all having to do with a product you are trying to move.
    I personally think it is a decent sized niche market that you may have for your product, I'm sure people will see your link at the bottom of some of your non-spam posts, should you ever make one and those that like the idea will surely investigate.
    sorry if I come across as a dick, I just don't like spam, unless its actually spiced ham in a can.
  8. Pat, if you read some of the short stories I have posted you would, I hope, not see them as spam. I have been learning a lot from my dialogue with people on the forum. I have had dialogue with moderators. If anyone feels I have offended some kind of decorum, I am sorry. Seriously, how is someone supposed to develop something new, in my case for myself and hopefully others, without asking questions?

    I have had some negative a neutral responses to ideas and that has helped me. So far, I have spent a lot of money having flies tied which I am giving away free. Should this ever lead to my making money I will donate some to the Board, if there is a way to do so. I am already a life member of TU. I give my very limited charitable allowance to cancer research.

    So Pat, please read some of my stories. A lot of people have found them moving. You can even buy my book on amazon: I will donate my $.70 royalty to your favorite charity

    Tight lines
  9. David,

    Just to be sure I'm not missing anything as I sometimes snell trout flies with horse hair tippets or silk gut. Your looking for someone to snell your flies for fishing and you describe them exactly the same as the handiflies you have a link to. Why not just have the folks who dress the handiflies do them for you? Are the flies for your use or do you plan to sell them through the handifly site? Just curious.

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