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  1. wadin' boot

    wadin' boot Donny, you're out of your element...

    My wife's a grade schoolteacher. During this winter and early spring her class started with 200 fertilized coho eggs and raised them in a 50 gallon tank at 50 degrees. By the time the fry were released (Matthews beach, Lake WA to receptive host of hundreds of ducks, cormorants and other birds all too happy to have junk food delivered directly to their beat) they had lost around 130 due to unfortunate issues like an uncovered, and powerful filter, or a malfunctioning chiller and so on. Anyways they released the fish last week and tank was still full of water yet empty of fish.

    So Jack, my youngest, and I had tied up some Powerbait soft hackles ( hot pink dubbing body, soft hackle front, a touch of marabou on the back side, this has been a super effective 2-week post stocking fly.) and went down to Green lake to fish. We caught a couple of stockers, filled the cooler with green green lake water and took it to my wife's school, and with the fish still live, released them into the wife's 50 gallon tank. Did this Saturday, checked the fish to see if they were still alive Sunday, gave 'em a bunch of blood worms, flakes, real worms and crickets. Live. they were eating again and looked good

    She's going to have the kids clean the tank today, when they come in and see the trout the hopeful reaction is the kid equivalent of "WTF, we missed two fry and they grew like monsters when they didn't have to compete with their birth buds..."

    I'll update the post later with reaction..

    The stockers hang in the tank...
  2. David Loy

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    An idle mind is a terrible thing. Two is a pack.
    I doubt it will take long for your wife to put two together.
    Will be interested to hear how she plays the field.
    You funny, man.
  3. Jim Wallace

    Jim Wallace Smells like low tide

    I can imagine myself as a student in her class, sitting near the fish tank. While she is doing her instructing, I am secretly pulling thread from the tops of my socks, collecting enough to fashion a decent fishing line. I finesse one of the two staples holding together a report I wrote for another class, and discretely bend it into the shape of a fish hook, complete with eye. Tying that on my 6 feet of sock thread, I now need some bait. I can't just go grab the fish food, so I think of something else.
    Yes, my little finger mines a nostril, and I strike pay dirt! It is solid but malleable, and has a couple of nose hairs stuck in it. I call it "the wooly booger."
    I wait until the teacher has her back to the class, and I execute my best-ever bait lobb with a hand-line.
    One of the trout grabs my offering, and its game on!:D

    I actually did this in 8th grade, with goldfish! :cool: Yes, an idle mind is a terrible thing!
  4. FlyinFish

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    Isn't transporting of live fish illegal? Not that I care about those stockers in any way, shape, or form... Regardless, that's a damn good April fools joke! You are going to blow those kids' minds.
  5. Yah, boot, make sure those fish meet their proper demise and are not re-released into any water.

  6. wadin' boot

    wadin' boot Donny, you're out of your element...

    So here is the powerbait soft hackle....

    My wife, who was in on the joke, took two classes of 3rd grade kids after checking to see the fish were still alive, which they were. About 50% were convinced the fry had magically grown. Now she had also let the early elementary +kindergarten kids know that they had forgotten two fish. Two lonely fry, hanging out behind the vacuum pump intake...Those kids were universally blown away at how big those fry got over the weekend. One of the student teachers was also convinced...

    Have no fear Richard, those fish will be introduced to Mr. Smokey in the near future....
  7. David Loy

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    Poor little fishies, have your fifteen minutes of flame.
    Hey, that's a pretty neat looking fly. Kind of like a Royal Raccoon.