are force fins worth it?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by nwtroutguy, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. Jim, Thanks for the kind words. Having been an R&D tool maker working in product development for much of my career I certainly see products in a far different light than most consumers. I will always have that "What if.....?" mentality and enjoy making something good even better.

    I hope to take you up on the offer of those fins next spring. My wife has decided she wants to fish with me next year and will need a new set of fins to use in the pontoon boat. Needless to say I will take her to my most cherished spots and get her into some really big fish. It should be amusing. Even if I don't get over to fish I will be putting new tires on my car next spring and a trip to your place should be a good drive to bed in the tread.

    As for the winter I am active in the kitchen and on the grills. I did a chicken on the spit that I had dry brined for several days and it was just outstanding. Not near as messy as wet brining but even more delicious. I have also been researching No-Knead bread baked in a Dutch Oven and my first attempt at that was a huge success. I am baking outdoors on my big gas grill in 20 degree temps. I'll go buy a smaller Dutch Oven and start doing this at least once a week, it is just sooo simple. And I am tying lots of flys. I bought about $100 worth of tying materials on line to add to what was already too much stuff and am trying to convert as much of it as I can into flys.

    My main winter project is to build some more Adirondack furniture but I am having trouble finding wood. I am living on 20 wooded acres and own thousands of trees but I can't find wood! Sounds crazy doesn't it?

    Hopefully we will both survive another winter and I'll get over to see you in March or April. Take good care and have a wonderful holiday season.

  2. I just wanted to add that the force fins made todays fishing possible. I C&R 16 out of 20 fish mostly 15-17". I had leg cramps last night (20 minutes of pain) after working all day, going to the gym and exercising. I was not sure I could fish today in the cold westside lake. Got to the lake about 9:00 with water temp 39. It didnt warm up to 43 until about 11:00. Then the fish must have warmed up also and gotten hungry. Although I had to get out to use the restroom after drinking coffee to stay warm (no Crown Royal for me Steve). Thank god there was no wind to speak of. Only a couple other people fishing in boats with bait. They said they were out there at 0700, but no fish by 11:00. I was laughing to myself since they saw me catch my first three in a row as I kicked by them.
    The force fins made it possible for me IMHO to fish all day.
  3. Force fin replies:

    Thanks to everyone for your input on the force fins. I borrowed my neighbors and will try them out next time out on the lake. My knees are not the greatest, so any advantage when kicking all day is a plus.
  4. im 20 so kicking around is not a big deal...definatley not worth it for me when i could spend that money on other things.....
  5. I use a 4X6 board. about 2 1/2 feet duck taped, stapled and drilled in just above my ankle keeps them nice and secure. Horrible to walk in but really moves on the water.
  6. :rofl:
  7. I love mine. I got the adjustable version, so I would have footwear options. I wear a stockingfoot wader and a pair of kayaking booties I got at REI for about $20. This combo keeps my feet warm and gives me the option of walking around without the fins and not damaging my waders. As another poster said, be sure to wear tethers since the FF's sink.
  8. The highest rating I give a product is when I say to myself; "I should have gotten one of these years ago!"
    I picked up a pair a couple of years ago. I wish I wouldn't have been such a cheap bastard and waited so long to get some....
  9. Yes, IMHO. I started with Caddis fins that came with a u-boat I purchased. After bucking Lenore and Lenice winds the first year, I purchased a set of FF's and find them much more effective, reducing the level of effort needed to propel my FatCat. The 'v' design reduces the backstroke effort...this is a big part of the benefit.
  10. Possibly the best deal I've ever had in fly fishing.
    Long ago I used to dive a lot so when I needed "float tube" fins (20 years ago) I stopped by Underwater Sports on Aurora. I saw they had FFs and was looking at them when a sales guy walked up and said they were terrible for diving (which they would be). Not telling him about intended use, he said he'd give them to me for 30 bucks just to get rid of them. Based on employee reaction at the counter I'm pretty sure this was at or below their cost.
    They're great however I think the newer ones are more adjustable.

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