Are my balls in the way? Dirty Question

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Matt Smith, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. I want to throw some dirty stuff at the steel, so this is my first pure dirt fly. My question is, Are the beads in the way? Do they block the hook gap or do you think they will move out of the way when the unicorn bites?

  2. You should have skipped that trip to Tijuana...
  3. Try this. Put a line through the eye, hold the line with one hand and lightly pinch the line between your first two fingers. Now pull the fly through. Did you get hooked?
  4. Why, yes I did. My balls are not in the way.

    Thanks Jeff!
  5. Good thing you pinched the barb.
  6. pitiful......

    only 2 beads?
  7. I'm starting with what I know, two. How many do you have? :clown::beer2:
  8. A gentleman doesn't fish and tell
  9. Is that one big & dirty there Mr. Mumbles? Looks like an orgy of sorts ;)
  10. No brother Black, that is a whole set of dirty. Each a collection of three strung beads and some interwoven white maribou on a pointy bent wire. I only kept one for myself and it was lost to the depths of the river. I will have a few more in hand for use on the move in a few weeks.
  11. I have upped my ball count.

  12. that's better
  13. evan likes a lot of balls, usually while listening to this...
  14. swing and a miss
  15. no. i do not swing that way.. lol
  16. Classic shit right here boys !:thumb::rofl::thumb:
    AC/DC rocks-
  17. strike 2

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