Are my balls in the way? Dirty Question

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Matt Smith, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. what happens after strike 3?
  2. You have your joke-attempt privileges revoked. Serious posts only from then on.
  3. How the hell is old man jim and mumbles still posting then?
  4. ;)
  5. Chef, how about you do a search of posts by Chef first, review them for their content and repetitive inquiries and then police the rest of us later. I'm still posting because Mr. Scoones permits me to post. When he puts the smack down on me consider me smacked down. Until then, carry on smartly and have a nice day getting your balls out of the way. Hope your hooks are barbless!
  6. You try to have a constructive conversation about fly design and....:rolleyes:
  7. At any rate, those flies are some dirty deeds done dirt cheap. They will do the trick. All this talk about balls makes me want to tie up a few sacks. :)
  8. Thank you Matthew, this is the type of dirty ball talk that I had intended with this thread. Now please go tie and remember to post some pictures of your dirty sack so we can all be impressed and coment on how you manipulated your balls to make such a nasty sack.
  9. iagree
  10. Here are some seriously nasty balls I thought all you dirty sack lovers would like. Especially since there has been a lot of hatin' around here lately.

    In all honesty, I've only fished like this a couple times. But with these babies, I'm gonna do it more often. Like one of those ladies you just can't say 'no' too!
  11. Those are some tasty looking balls! Otters eggs or hot glue? What kind of beer in the glass?
  12. Neither on the guesses for the balls. For the beer, it's a recently bottled IPA. And a tasty one at that. Also tried a glass of my barley wine tonight that I just racked into the secondary after a month. Damn smooooothhh.....and dangerous! I'm gonna have a hard time keeping away from that one.
  13. Save some for me, can you make it last a week?
  14. I'm bottling it this weekend, so it should be drinkable by the next weekend! :) I'll even let you touch my balls too :rofl::rofl:
  15. OooooooHooooooooo!:rolleyes:
  16. is this what happens when a fly tyer drinks beer?

    lmao. nice.
  17. Haha! Yes, indeed I do Jeff! Good eyes! I need to get my hands on some tail soon!!! Time for another one :beer1:
  18. It's called tying fluid! I would suggest you try some but since you are just a smolt, that would be irresponsible of me.
  19. Now Mathew.... be nice!

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