Are You Trespassing?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by LCnSac, Oct 15, 2013.

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    The deeds are the problem. They were written in error but that isn't our problem. You may have a deed that indicates you own the moon but it doesn't mean squat. However, if you'd like to buy the Brooklyn Bridge I'd be happy to sell you a deed that indicates that you do:)

    You must be aware that your federal river rights allow you to travel down a river and fish in the river and along the shoreline. You may not cross private property without permission to gain access to the river... same as a street or a highway.

    The best analogy is a roadway. You can use the road, stand on the road, walk down the street and stand on the curb, but you can't go wandering around in someone's front yard. You also can't drive your rig across someone's property (without permission) to gain access to the road or street.
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    Heck yeah Patrick! I live in California and people own so much property, with good trout fishing. I was up near Chester, Ca, at my friends cabin, fishing for brookies in a remote meadow, when all of a sudden, a guy pulls up on an ATV.
    He says" you know damn well where the property line is!" There was no fence, or property line. I was just fishing for some wild trout, but people these days, so selfish.