Area 12 & 13 Report - 10/20

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Stonefish, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. Headed out with two friends to look for SRC's. Never found the searuns but got into plenty of chums and silvers. The day started out with miserable wind and rain but ended up as a nice sunny afternoon. Good day on the water with friends.
  2. Glad things turn out well for you. I've been doing well in area 12 - 13, w/ pink over white clouser patterns w/ some flashaboo between. I'm trying other pattern, and having some success, but lately none are effective as the pink/white. Care to share what worked for your party? I'm headed out a bit later today.

    Thanks, Dan
  3. Dan,
    We got the chums on chartreuse & cherise Crazy Charlies and Clousers. Silvers on small sparse dull colored bead head soft hackles.
  4. Thanks, Brian, I'll tie some up tonight, as I'm headed out for a few hours early tomorrow morning.


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