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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Gabe Feenan, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. Gabe Feenan

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    Fished a well known beach under a bridge in area 13 on monday looking for cutthroat. Despite the heavy wind and rain blowing straight into my face I managed to catch at least 10 Blackmouth from 14" to 23". Most of the fish were between 18 and 20". The 23" fish took me into my backing, wow! what a blast on a 6wt. The fish were caught on the big outgoing that morning using size 4 olive/wht and olive/chart clousers. I've been fishing the salt since Jan. just about every monday and I'm very addicted, my question: is it normal to catch keeper sized blackmouth on the fly, my impression of this fishery is that it's done w/ downriggers fished right on the bottom in fairly deep water. I'm just curious if anyone catches keeper sized blackmouth often or should I go buy a lottery ticket, because I feel lucky.
  2. Jon Borcherding

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    I've been fly fishing for less than a year but I caught my first blackmouth on herring 40 years ago. I can't tell you how normal it is for keeper blackmouth to take a fly but it's not at all unusual to find blackmouth feeding in the shallows. If the herring are in the shallow water early in the morning the blackmouth are almost garrantied to be there chowing down on 'em. I once caught a 12lb blackmouth in about 10 ft of water at Salisbury Pt while waiting to use the boat launch.
  3. Les Johnson

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    This is, in fact just about spot on when blackmouth show up in the Tacoma Narrows and also around Johnson Point. This fishing should continue for several more weeks. It depends on the abundance of young sand lance and herring. Bruce Ferguson and I began fishing over these immature chinook in about 1975 from the Narrows around Doc's to Indian Cove, usually from a boat, but sometimes from the beach.
    Good Fishing,
    Les Johnson
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    Been hitting blackmouth for 3 weeks now. A great time to get silvers,blackmouth,cutts and perch.

    T Wolf
  5. WaFlyCaster

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    Out on the straits ive seen 30 lb kings cruising in 15 feet of water in the kelp beds feeding on baitfish... large kings are not ALWAYS caught on the bottom... we have hooked several in the top 15 feet of water over the last few years that were over 20lbs.... of course this was out in the open ocean..not the puget sound... but that being said no matter where the fish are they will be looking for food so if there is a food source in the shallows there is a good chance you will find kings which are voracious feeders!
  6. Rich Schager

    Rich Schager You should have been here yesterday...

    I caught a 17lb king while fishing for SRC, in about 6 feet of water. 6' pram, 6lb test gear, 30 minutes!

    Also, while smelt (net) fishing in the surf off Ruby beach as a kid, my friend put his net into a wave and came up with a 30Lb king... so they do come in closer than you would think....