Area 9 Beach report

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by miyawaki, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. miyawaki Active Member

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    I don't see many fly fishers on the beach (maybe you're all waiting for pinks) but I've made two trips out into the Kitsap Peninsula, Area 9 beaches and have had a terrific time. Last Monday, on two different beaches, using a pink #2 beach popper, I landed 5, lost 4 at the hand and had many many follows. This morning, in a blustery, rainy dawn, me and three friends landed a total of 5 coho and lost or missed a bunch in the two hours we fished before catching the ferry back to the shop. Todays coho were all unmarked and between 4 and 6 pounds. Man, do I love July coho who are driven to do nothing but eat!

  2. Jake Bannon nymphs for steelhead....

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    Sounds like a great day, I'll admit Im kind of waiting for the pinks since they are close to my house. I also have not been out due to bad tides not to mention I dont live in that good of an area for coho or cutties.
  3. flybill Purveyor of fine hackle, wine & cigars!

    Leland, Thanks for the frequent updates and motivation to get out to the beaches! Looks like I need to get out soon!

    Bill :cool:
  4. Rob Ast Active Member

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    no need to spill the secret Honey Holes (Honey Beaches?), but were these 2 beaches Point-no-point and Eglon, or other locations? I've hit up PNP a few time recently with some nice coho action. Have yet to tie on the coho poppers I tied the other night.

  5. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    i was planning on going to area 9 beaches on sunday, but woke up to rain and went back to sleep. that appears to have been a terrible decision :beathead:
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    I was out in the boat in Area 9 and I hit a dozen 4-6lb coho in two trips. I fished for 5 hours on Saturday and 2 hours on Sunday. This is my fourth season fishing the salt and it is easily the best I've ever seen it for coho. I'm headed back out tomorrow! I would not be fishing anywhere else right now.

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    Awesome day today on the Kitsap Pen. My buddy and I hooked multiple times and witnessed a dude landing a HUGE 20lb king on the beach, even better it was a hatchery, so he was able to take it home.

    This might be the best year yet for all species, yet to get into some summerrun though.
  8. roger New Member

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    I would like to take this thread off shore. In MA 9 what are your favorite ways to locate coho off shore (from a boat)? Covering lot of rips (characteristics of good rips?) or going to established areas?
    Thanks to all who reply
  9. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    heheh..... ptyd
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    If Beersmith's pictured is from today, I'm the boat in the background. I like to find fish away from the established beach crowd. Nice Pic
  11. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    that was about 8am or so today
  12. Eric Tarcha gear whore

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    is that an area 9 beach or 10? nice looking fish! Silver??
  13. Curtis New Member

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    I just dont want to spend the $40 for the ferry from seattle!!
  14. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    the kingston ferry from edmonds is $14 one way. i've been messaging other members who are gonig out there to try to meet up and carpool across and split the cost.
  15. Denny Active Member

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    Why you going only one way? Not coming back?
  16. yellowlab Active Member

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    After a frustrating past Saturday, I decided to go back today
    for some fast and furious Coho Salmon fishing on the beach. Since the Edmonds
    Ferry doesnt depart til 5:45 am, we decided to leave at 4:00 from Seattle and
    drive the south route through Tacoma, and Poulsbo. The drive was nice, and took us 1:45 to make it to the beach. We were surprise to find the parking lot full of cars and many fisherman on the
    beach already started.

    I fished my crazy clouser pattern, which is a cross between a crazy charlie and
    a clouser, tied on a Mustad salt water #2 hook, 1/30 oz. barbell eye and a
    littel crystal flash.

    I fished my striper line with clear intermediate sink tip on my new 9'6" XP 9
    wt. Yes, it was a little to much for this kind of fishing but I wanted to test
    out the new rod as I'd never had the chance to cast it until this morning. The
    rod performed excellent and it was nicer than I expected, much nicer than my 9'
    RPL 10 wt.

    I had my first Coho on and landed within the first 5 minutes of casting and I
    thought it was going to be a great day, and turns out it was. I ended up
    hooking 7 Coho, landed 5, hooked and landed around 20+ bullhead sculpins, a
    dozen or so flounder.

    On buddy ended up with a nice 7 lb hen, another buddy hooked three and lost three within the
    first hour, Another friend caught alot of bullhead and flounder but didn't have any
    success with the buz bombs for Coho. Gilly ended up with his first Coho around
    5 pm, a nice fish of about 5.5 lbs. All in all a perfect day for fishing,
    relaxing and getting some sun. I got a racoon eye sunburn from missing the sun
    block before we went out this a.m.

    We took the 6:30 ferry back, which was a nice sail back to the mainland. Hope to see you folks out there soon.
  17. Les Johnson Les Johnson

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    Round trip on the Edmonds-Kingston ferry for Preston and me (senior rate) was about $16.50 going over and $12.50 coming home. Not too much to pay for an opportunity at some red-hot, early-arriving coho. Life is uncertain; eat desert first.
  18. obiwankanobi Active Member

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    Paul, very very nice. I posted a comment on the gallery with that pic. BTW I have heard of guys heading to the beach at 2am, so if you can't beat that start time, then likely you might find people at 6am. What a fun day!!!
  19. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    today was definitely not like it was 2 days ago. got there at around 6:30am. tide was going out, and going extremely fast. it was like fishing in a river. on top of the extreme current and wind, there was an abundance of salad making fishing very frustrating. fishing elbow to elbow in those conditions just doesn't work out. between the 4 of us who went, nothing was caught.
  20. yellowlab Active Member

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    Second that... tossed kelp salad and few fish to find. My buddy successfully hooked and landed two Ho's, one 5 lbs and the other about a 4 lber. We left Renton at 3:15 and drove around, took us 1:20 minutes to the parking lot, not bad considering the ferry would take about that between driving, waiting, loading and unloading. We'll be back in search of more Ho Ho's... To Be Continued...