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  1. Hit a popular beach yesterday not many people fishing which explains my lack of success although I thought it was going to be promising, I caught 2 sculpins on my first 2 casts which for some reason lead me to believe I was going to have a hot day well this was not the case in fact things went rapidly down hill from there, catching a sculpin was the high point of my day and actually catching a second one was like winning the lottery. Ok so I'm standing there casting my hopes are high my every belief is that today this cast I'm going to feel the tug that is a salmon on my line when I look to my right and to my shock and amazement I see a wave not just any wave but a fucking wave higher than I can reach,oh shit I'm going to get douched no time to react its on me and I'm down water filling my waders it took me three tries to get up as the waves beat my ass up and soaked me completely, I fished for a couple of hours after that my waders full of water without any kind of success not even a flounder finding any attraction to any of my offering, walked back to my truck only to find that my emergency cloths were not there I remembered taking them in for cleaning shit again what a day
  2. Tony I'm sorry but I just have to laugh! HAHAHA
  3. Remember the old mantra: "the worst day fishing is better than......" ;)
  4. At least you didn't trip over a pebble and fall in.
  5. Freighter waves have eaten lots of folks over the years.
    It is surprising how long it can take before they hit the beach after the ship has gone by.
  6. Argh! Great recovery though
  7. I had to laugh at that too.
    Reminds me of many years ago at a area 9 beach in early September. It was the evening and packed, I mean packed, good fishing so most were happy. Between me and my buddy some dude squeezes in. Ok, fight or flight, let this guy in, we are here to have a good time. Within 15 minutes he starts spouting off to my buddy about being too close. My buddy explains that we were here and he needed to respect that. The new guy start talking about beating his ass. My buddy was only 17 at the time and told the dude his age and he was threating a minor. Dude just shuts up and wades out farther.
    Then one of those waves takes him down. Over his head and completely dunked. I actually, tried to help him others on the beach were laughing hard and he was pissed so he started trying to mess with them. With his back turned to my buddy the silence was broken with my buddy hooking up and landing a nice 8-9 lbs coho.
    Oh, the fun of area 9 in the summer and fall.
    In all seriousness, those waves can do some damage and get people killed so everyone be careful.
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  8. I was fishing a beach once where I had waded out to a rock that was probably about 18 inches higher than the bottom. Great little spot for a casting platform, and the water only up to my knees rather than my waist.

    Anyway, sure enough, eventually I get some big waves rolling in. I saw them coming, and at first thought I'd be fine. But no. When I saw a big one coming, I tried to turn sideways for a narrower profile, but it still knocked me off my rock. Luckily it sort of carried me and dropped me still on my feet because I sort of jumped with it. Still got pretty wet though. I don't stand on those little rocks so much anymore.
  9. I've never gotten pounded to badly myself, but had one incident that stood out regarding big freighter waves in MA 9.
    There are a few places where if a person wasn't careful they could find themselves in trouble due to a steep drop-off and strong currents.
    I happened to be fishing on of those spots when this occurred.
    I could see the freight waves coming so I backed out of the water. A gear fisherman fishing near me didn't seem to be reacting. It warned him about the waves, but it was way to late by the time he got moving. The wave came over the top of him and drove him face first into the beach.
    As the wave receded he started floating out as the second wave hit. I managed to grab his jacket and with the help of another guy we got him out of the water. It turned out he have a physical condition that didn't allow bend his knees, so he could barely walk. We got him up to his car and on his way home. He was pretty shaken up. With his condition, I'm just glad we were around or I think the guy would have been in some serious trouble.
  10. That's a scary story Brian, very fortunate for him you reacted fast.

    I was fishing PNP late one evening near a high tide waiting for the evening bite when a pair of "Love Boats" cruised by. Behind me couples and families were snuggled on the beach near the light house with toys, driftwood fires, beach blankets, food, etc laughing and enjoying the view. 10-15 minutes later I was just starting to get some salmon strikes on my fly when I noticed the freighter waves were starting to approach. With plenty of time to spare I reeled up and backed onto the beach to avoid getting hammered. At the same time the big waves rolled onto the beach a strong rip tide had formed off the sandy point going south to north. This made the waves far more violent than usual! Multiple sets of waves crushed the beach and ran all the way up to the rock wall of the light house. People were screaming and kids crying as the peaceful scene was totally devastated in seconds. Burning driftwood, coolers, toys, shoes, etc got sucked off the beach and into the rip tide. It seemed like half the beach then drifted off towards Whidbey Island at 10 knots, quickly disappearing. After seeing that happen I became very careful about preparing for freighter waves when the current is rippping hard. Nobody was hurt, but if I had been caught wading when those waves hit I would have drowned without a doubt.


  11. Damn, That's a scary one, but I have to admit it would also be pretty crazy to see that happen!

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