Arizona Fishing Report

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  1. a 22" rainbow in AZ after 1990 ? that was the first clue. and i'm sure there isn't a lake that reequires a 7 mile hike, let alone 17. great story, and thanks for the chuckle, but now i'm really feeling guilty for living in trrout mecca (MT) i lived in AZ long enough ago that there actually were a few 20+ trout, although that was lees ferry. used to be a couple payfer lakes on the res. that had some big stocked apaches. the most memorable fishing tho, was smallmouth on the black river. i hope they didn't pave any rods into there. its a great place to fish in the buff AND see some bears.
  2. Sounds like someone was using his San Juan Worm
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  3. i miss u up here Jessie!
  4. Thanks kiddo I miss you too. You are still the best Hardy girl there is...
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