Arizona Spring Stream Fishing!

Discussion in 'Trip Reports with Pics' started by Kirk Estlick, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. The river was low last time I was out that way.....kinda tuff in middle of summer,did pull some carp from the San Francisco tho:)
  2. RIP black river!
  3. Sick fish man- congrats!
  4. Awesome pics...gotta ask, do you run in to those fat diamondbacks out there? yikes!
  5. I have hiked a lot of miles for fish in the AZ backcountry and have yet to see or hear one. I have had buddies with close calls, but none personally.
  6. Just curious...several years ago went on an all day hike up and around superstitious mountain outside apache junction area and was told to watch out for those fat bastards (rattlers)....never ran in to one either, but I do remember the hike back to the car at dawn....I have never seen so many leaping coyotes, and some were very close (within 200 feet). Also saw a lot of jack rabbits....hence the leaping coyotes? It was a definite adventure to view it. :) This was late May....sweet weather 82-92, but freakin cold mornings :eek:
  7. Very nice!
  8. Very nice browns! Where is the 20+ inch Apaches?
  9. I don't fish for apaches often. I prefer wild fish over stockers. I should be making a trip to the Whites soon to fish for em, when I do I will post pics for ya!
  10. Went fishing with two of my buddies last night under the super moon!

    I wasn't the lucky one this trip. But my buddy sure was!

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  11. Nice fish and cool moon pic!
  12. looks like a mouse pattern
    how cool is that!!
    I lived in Flag for 5 years (NAU - '76). I recall some awesome fishing in Arizona. People think it's all desert.
    Good job - nice report!
  13. Thanks Jamie! It isn't however a mouse pattern my other buddy and I were mousing with no success. Kenny was fishing an articulated Marabou Leech! Arizona is a highly overlooked fishing state!
  14. Thanks for the reports! I love seeing pics of places I'll likely never get to fish.

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