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  1. I know that some of you expressed interest in hitting the caddis hatch on the Arkansas, so I thought I'd throw up a quick report.

    I've been keeping an eye on things for the past two weeks. My fishing buddy was down there twice this week. Did well, but didn't see any adult caddis on the surface. Lots of larva moving around, though.

    I decided to take the day off in the hopes that today's warm weather would get things started. I wasn't disappointed. I fished from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. The caddis really started popping about 2:00 pm, and the browns finally began rising to adults at about 3:00 pm. These are pretty big bugs, so you have no trouble following your fly and seeing the take. Gotta' love it!

    Here we go!
  2. a brief update from this morning. in the tailwater section the flows have come up to about 600cfs and the water is clear. fished for about an hour and a half, no fish for me. there was a descent midge and mayfly hatch coming off. let me know if you want to hook up dan
  3. Mike,

    I was well above the dam on Friday. Think half way between Canon and Buena Vista. I brought 14 to hand and had 8-9 LDR. The last three to hand were from the surface. Not my best day there, but pretty decent. How long you going to be around? If we can't hook up, PM me or call me and I'll give you particulars if you would like.
  4. My wife and I were there from 4/19 thru 4/25 and fished all but one day for a trip on the Royal Gorge RR. We concentrated most of out time between Parkdale and Texas Creek. While I had hoped to hit the caddis hatch in full swing, water temps werejust too cold (54F first two days, then back down to 44F with the cold snap). Very little hatch activity, some BWO's and less caddis, but we did catch fish (Browns, Rainbows and one Cutthroat) with nymphs. I did have particularly good day on BWO's, but all in all a bit slower than hoped.

    We spent the balance of the trip on the S. Platte (Eleveen Mile Canyon)...lot's of spawing bow's in the shallows and deeper pools yielded some very short flurry's of action. Fortunately we missed all the heavy snow that hit and had no problems on the trip...which is a good thing all in itself!

    The water levels started cominng up after we left (according to the RG and Ark Anglers), so even had we waited until the following week to schedule, I think we'd have had that to deal's always a hard thing to time trips of any distance and pre-plan scheduling...but the time away from work was the best part.

  5. Freestone,

    Yeah, we've had some pretty wild weather this spring! I made a second trip, fishing the bamboo rod with wets in the morning and drys in the afternoon. What a hoot!
  6. I was out there on the 9th fishing just above Salida. Had a slow morning, but an insane afternoon. Caddis were out in full force, and the browns were looking up. Got into a couple dozen fish running from 14-20". All fish were on caddis dries or emergers. Thanks to all for the great advice. bill at royal Gorge was a gentleman. I never hit big hatches well, but this time I couldn't have hit it any better.
  7. How does the Arkansas fish later in the summer Dan? We are considering a trip to Canon City to visit relatives in August.
  8. EasyE,

    I can't say. All the years I've lived here, I've pretty much restricted my fishing on the Ark to the spring caddis hatch. I have hit the stretch below the dam in late fall/early winter now and again when I was too lazy to get all the gear on to fish in the snow in the high country.

    Bill Edrington's book does indicate that there are the following mayfly hatches in August:

    pale morning dun july - september
    western green drake july - august

    The most intense PMD hatches are from Texas Creek up to Stone Bridge. The green drakes hatch in the upper river from Buena Vista to Leadville. Of course, there are hoppers, ants and stoneflies, too.

    I have a friend that fishes it nearly every week during the year, except when the river ices up. I'd say it's worth a try.
  9. Thanks Dan. We'll definitely give it a try if we make it out that way. We will let you know how it goes.
  10. Dan, On my computer your fish/rod picture comes across as some psychedelic adventure....??? The other picture is cool and crystal clear.
  11. Porter,

    Both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photo Elements allow you to apply a "watercolor" filter to an image. I'm not an expert with either, but was playing around and found the resulting image pleasing. Unfortunately, I didn't save the original image. Perhaps there is a way to restore the original image from the saved version. Any help from your Photoshop guys and gals?

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