Articulated Fly Swap (New Thread)

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Wayne Jordan, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. Wayne Jordan

    Wayne Jordan Active Member

    So here's the final list for the Swap...

    Surf Candy
    Don Johnson

    This swap is closed! :thumb:

    Flies due by December 25... :thumb:
  2. pwoens

    pwoens Active Member

    Can I join??? :confused:
  3. jessejames

    jessejames Flyslinger

    If you participate you will have to tie something new, Spokane said he was going to tie the pwosquawfish fly. ;)
    jesse clark
  4. pwoens

    pwoens Active Member

    no biggie.....I dont want anyone to have my original pattern anyways and I know after tying with spoke that he will not be able to accurately reproduce my fly. So no worries. :rofl:
  5. No worries Patrick... Go ahead rip on me... See if I care... :mad:
    Seriously though, I've been tying a "version" of your fly. Mine does without all the tinsel-flashy-flash. I also think that I don't dress mine as heavily as you do.
  6. pwoens

    pwoens Active Member

    i hope that mad face is a sarcastic mad face cause im just playin with ya.....dude you got mad skills over me!!!! I only pick on ya cause I know you can handle it ;)

    EDIT: does this mean I can join???
  7. jessejames

    jessejames Flyslinger

    Dear Mr. Pwoens:
    I think it would be an honor to have a fly dresser of your caliber in our swap. If my opinion counts at all you can certainly participate. Besides I would appreciate having another one of your secret weapons in my arsenal. I haven't in the past been as detrimental to your high position as a flyfisher, but since I heard of your Moms hobby of owning machine guns you have all my respect. I never want to tick off Paddys mom.
    jesse clark
  8. Trevor

    Trevor New Member

    I'm just gonna tie up 10 bugs. That's what I originally planned on and besides, hooks come in 10 packs anyway... :thumb: Ultimately it's Fishboy's swap and hence his call. For me, I'm easy and don't have a problem with more folks.

  9. Wayne Jordan

    Wayne Jordan Active Member

    I would be a fool not to let the Squaw Fish master join in! :clown: What will you be tying for us?
  10. pwoens

    pwoens Active Member

    hahahhaa....thanks im labeled as a squaw fish master.....LOL

    A purple and chartreuse bunny leech. I dont know if its articulated or string??? Im all confused now :confused: Either way it has a lot of action in the water and catches fish. Its designed for low water and should be fished with a sinking line and short leader.....its completely unweighted.

    If this fly is not acceptable....let me know. Im about half way done tying them....including a few extras for the swapmeister of different patterns.
  11. Trevor

    Trevor New Member

    I finished up my flies this weekend. I will get 8 in the mail sometime this week. I'm looking forward to seeing all the offerings. :beer2:


    Incidently, I'm totally diggin' on this swap thing...
  12. Fishboy,

    Mine are just about done as well. Need to pick up some more stinger hooks. So I should have them in the mail by midweek (knock on wood).
    Started tying and got on a roll. Ended up with 16 flies. So there will be two for everybody. :beer1:


    Yes that angry face was Sarcastic. And you're welcome... you truly are a Squawfish master. Who knows, Maybe you'll make some money in the Derby next year :thumb:
  13. Diehard

    Diehard aka Justin

    Are there 8 or 9 people in the swap total? I wanted to make sure I tie enough for everyone.
  14. Trevor

    Trevor New Member

    I believe that it's eight. Fishboy added pwoens to the list via an edit, so the list at the beginning of the thread has everyone on it.

  15. Trevor

    Trevor New Member

    BTW, I posted a picture of my pattern in the pattern section. I wish I had a camera vice a scanner. I think it looks much better than jpegs show. I hope you all will agree when you recieve them.

    Mine are in the mail to fishboy as of today.

  16. Wayne Jordan

    Wayne Jordan Active Member

    Mine are done as of yesterday. :thumb: I will update everytime I receive someone's flies in the mail. Thanks for all the effort!
  17. Fishboy,

    Just wondering what's the official protocol for Toe-Tags and Receipes. As mentioned earlier I ended up with 16 flies. So I plan to put one toe-tag per set of two flies. Should I also include a receipe for each swapper. Or should I send you the master receipe? Just trying to get my ducks in a row. :thumb:
  18. Wayne Jordan

    Wayne Jordan Active Member

    For my toe tag I usually just put the pattern, my screen name, and then my e-mail address. If one of you guys can take pictures of the flies and then post to the site, we can add in the recipe to our own flies with any additional notes... So who has a digital camera ;)
  19. I'd be willing to do the photos. However,I don't want to step on any toes. I know Jesse has a brand spanking new 12giga pixel...super mighty macro...extra tele photo...lookout Ansel Adams digi cam that he's probably dying to break in. :rofl:
  20. Trevor

    Trevor New Member

    :eek: :eek:
    Umm, what's a toe tag? I just put mine in the mail. Sorry, this is my first swap, I didn't know there was a certain presentation that we needed to do. :(

    All I included was 8 flies for the group plus 4 (nonarticulated) flies for Fishboy plus an addressed envelope plus money for shipping.

    As for the recipe, I posted it in the patterns section (though the pictures are crap).