Articulated Intruders

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  1. Black Mamba


    Arctic Ice




  2. NICE intruders
    Love them all
    Thanks for sharing
  3. That blue one swimming is awesome
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  4. Very nice. I've never seen an articulated intruder before (well, except for the dirtbag I caught trying to peek into my Daughter's bedroom window one night 20-years ago. He was somewhat articulated when the cops arrived. I think he fell down . . .).
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  5. Are they articulated or tied with an articulating trailer??

  6. Rear Section: 35mm Fish Skull Articulated Shank

    Front Section: 25mm Fish Skull Articulated Shank
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  7. Oh yeah
    I forgot about the skull shank.
    I love your work. They would fish very well here in the PNW!!
  8. Do you fish much?

  9. When I'm not guiding or tying...ever hear the saying, the carpenter has the worst looking house on the block...
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  10. What is your best advice for casting them?
    I struggle with a heavy tip and good sized fly on an 8 wt switch

  11. What line are you running?
  12. I'm liking the mamba too
    around here some people fish mini intruders in low water or summer like instances
    I think a mini-momba would be the schizzz........
  13. I have the info but not memorized
    Give me a little time

  14. I have a video of my Medusa Mini Intruder posted in the tying step by step/videos section if ya want to check out my style of tying.
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  15. Damn. Me likes
  16. Yikes, those look nice. Even I could probably catch a fish with one of them.

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