Articulated Madness

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Ed Call, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. Well, guys, this is the first chance I've had with the outside world for some time, now. The lttle fall I had before the last swap turned out to be far more serious than the doctors originally thought. I have spent the past two weeks in Intensive Care at Tacoma General. It's a very long story and I'm pretty tired but as I bgain my strength back, maybe I can relate it to you. The wosrt part has been a complication to my right arm, never forseen but did occurr. I have no feeling in my index finger so tying my flies will be very difficult, at best. I do plan to finish them but due to travel restictions, pain, and general fatigue, I won't be at the swap. I thought for a couple of days that I might never be able to fish again. I was pretty devistated considering that what happened to my arm was a boo boo by the hosptal. My family and I are seeking counsel now as to whether to sue or not. Hopefully things won't get that bad and I'll ne back to normal in a week or two. I'll send the flies to Mimbles when they are complete and hopefully I have them ready on time. Tight Lines.
  2. Steve, sorry to hear you've been so out of commission. If you can't tie them up, we all will understand. If you do find the time and strength to tie them up mailing them is quite alright. We'll miss you as the face to face for sure. Most importantly though, get yourself healthy so we can all fish together soon.
  3. Steve, so sorry to hear about your condition. I hope it is all downhill now and smooth sailing. Glad your feeling better. I'm sure we will all understand if you can't come, or aren't able to tie up some madness. You've got to look out for #1 first. Healing thoughts to you.
  4. sorry to hear that Steve let me know I'll come pick you up if you wanna go anyway
  5. Just finished tying the rest of mine. Head cement needs to dry and they are done. How is everyone else doing?

    Right now I'm favoring the Holding Lane Pub because it seems to be a bit more popular, has more types of beer on tap and a bit more room.

    If anyone is feeling generous and would be willing to toss in one additional fly I've been asked to donate a set of flies for my daughter's school fund raising auction. No big deal if you can't, I'll tie a set, but if you can that would be much appreciated.
  6. Should be done tomorrow night. Did some testing this past weekend on the Klick, and hooked a steelhead on the Sig. Series Intruder pattern that I'm swapping.
  7. Sweet! :thumb::beer1: I'll finish mine up this weekend. These bad bunnies are madness for sure :D
  8. Articulated Madness is in the two minute drill of the fourth quarter, how are you all doing? I have my flies all done, only need to tag and carry them along. If you are not attending the swap live and need to ship them you need to let me know right away. I will be home to receive mail from US Postal or others until about an hour before the swap goes down.

    For your memory refreshing we will be meeting at the "Holding Lane Pub" in what is called downtown Kingston about 1 block to the west of the ferry toll booths. They come highly recommended with ample choices of brews on tap and a nice menu selection. Carpool, walk on the ferry or otherwise plan your travels and intake safely and appropriately.

    See you all there at 6pm on Friday, October 2nd, Holding Lane Pub, downtown Kingston, flies in hand and ready for the articulated madness.
  9. Yes! Flies are done, and ready for flogging the water. I'll be there Ed, with black and blue bunny bells on.
  10. Ed,
    Are you going to post a set of photos in the gallery of these things? It would be cool to see the madness.
  11. Indeed I will. I have to learn how to resize my photos. New camera is giving me fits. I will figure it out though, either reducing the megapixels when I take them or saving them to a source that allows reduction sizing. I type a lot but that is about my limit of technical stuff. Just ask you know who...
  12. I'll do my best but, likely won't arrive until closer to 7.
  13. If you think I'm sneaking out of the house and planning on being gone from the swap by 7pm you are CRAZY. See you Friday evening.

    How is everyone else? Pretty quite in here.
  14. It is pretty quiet in here! Either everyone is feverishly tying, fishing, working or...all of the above?

    I'll be coming from Oly Friday, and plan to hit a few spots on my way north. Not sure where yet, but I have the day to play. If it's not too much madness I might be at the Skok. But I'm sure it'll be crazy as Thursday it opens up for an adult limit of four coho...

    If anyone has any ideas of a good place to hit the water before hand let me know. I was also thinking of PNP or other locals close by.
  15. I'm not going to make it, guys. I don't feel well enough yet and have had a very hard time getting to the fly tying bench. I'm only partially done and can't seem to concentrate through the drugs and have so many nurses coming in and Dr. appointments that my time is limited to getting poked and prodded and taking a nap to recuperate. I'll try another swap when I feel better.
  16. Steve, we'll be missing you for sure but hope that your health returns quickly and fully. That is of paramount importance right now. Wishing you well and looking forward to fishing with you again soon.
  17. mine are done

    see ya there
  18. Browsing the thread reveals the following status:

    1) Mumbles (some intruder/streamer pattern) DONE
    2) Ben Waldschmidt (Cerise/Orange Intruder) DONE
    3) Steve Saville - Currently on the Mend, he'll join us on the next go around
    4) Matthew Gulbranson (black and blue articulated bunny madness) DONE
    5) Banzai (TBD but it will be articu-nasty)
    6) Kelvin (Sculpin-ticulated SRC/Bass slayer) DONE
    7) Daconil (he'll be letting us know when inspiration hits him)
    8) Mr. E (articulated purple X)
    9) Chris Johnson (TBD)
    10) Gary Dills (intruder style, black and something)

    How is everyone else doing? Banzai, Daconil, Mr. E, Chris and Gary? Gary if you mailed yours to me I've not yet received them, but will be looking both today and tomorrow for yours.

    Anyone need more info on how to get to the Holding Lane Pub in Kingston, WA? A quick google or mapquest search should suffice, but if you need more info let me know.

    See you all tomorrow! Most will be there between 6 and 7.

    Anyone else interested in just coming to check out a bunch of crazy WFFers you are welcome to attend as well. See you there also.
  19. Would if I could... wrong side of the state... :(
  20. Ed...I'm just finishing up tying. Will be there tonight! When you titled this Madness you chose appropriately.

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