Articulated Steel Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Monkey Salad, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. Hi-
    Someone tried to start this swap last year but it never got off the ground. Hoping for better interest this time. Rules are pretty simple, your fly must be articulated & designed to target steelhead. Lots of room to get creative here. So lets do 10 tiers or less, due date 1 month after the close of the swap. I will be tying an akroyd, exactly like the one in the pic except I will use black schlappen instead of BEP, money is tight these days, sorry.

    Alright, swap is closed. A little bigger than I intended but there are some really talented tiers here so I am psyched. Have your flies postmarked by OCTOBER 13th! Please be on time.

    1. Bove - Sluttyness
    2. Charles - Dankness
    3. Me - 'Royd
    4. Miller - Madness - In Hand
    5. D3 - String Thing - In Hand
    6. Steve S - In Hand
    7. Zach M - In Hand
    8. Bannon - Something with movement - In Hand
    9. Flyborg - Clits - In Hand
    10. D Dalan - Flashyness - In Hand
    11. Philster - Shrimpy Thing - In Hand
    12. Mumbles - Rat - In Hand
  2. Ahhh my picture wont upload, maybe later.
  3. I will tie the slutty fly...
  4. strauss dude....count me in. some sort of dopeness
  5. You're tying an articulated Akyroyd?
  6. you know it buddy.
    charlie and mark are great tiers, join while you can!
  7. I'll play, consider me in with some type of madness
  8. I will tie a string thing.. probably in black/blue.
  9. i want to join but i am just starting to tie articulated flies. if thats ok i would like to join
  10. I'm in. I really want to see the 'royd.
  11. zach- thats fine.
  12. I'm in, will tie up some 5" clits.
  13. looking for a couple more and then the swap is closed
  14. Count me in on this one, not sure what its gonna be though. However it will be big, articulated with lots of movement.

  15. I was down last time. I'm down this time. No slacking off like the last swap I bagged on. Bad times. Now it's good times.

    I'm in if ya'll have me :)

    Lemme get back to ya on the pattern. Something flashy fo sho.
  16. If there's room I'll toss some Squrimps on the barbie...
  17. If permitted entry into the inner sanctum I'd like to tie an articulated rat fly. I'll start pulling my supplies out and get organized pending the swapmeister's approval.
  18. SWAP IS CLOSED! Get Tying! 12 Flies if you want one back, 11 flies if you dont.
  19. "11. Philster - Shrimpy Thing"

    Not promising this color. Have to check the foot lockers for materials first.
  20. Looks like it would be a fish slayer in any color.

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