Articulated Steel Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Monkey Salad, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. I used a 1/0 Mustad 34011. Saltwater safe long shank, ring eye. Very versatile hook. In size 6 or 4 useful for steelhead patterns. I've used white versions of the fly I sent out around kelp beds and have killed rockfish and White Sea Bass.
  2. I tied the big turquoise intruder style on a 55mm Waddington. I tie this fly in different sizes, colors and on tubes. This was a great swap with some awesome flies. Thanks MS for hosting and everyone for tying. Can someone post pics?
  3. Thanks for the shank input, I need to find some for some big nasties. I echo the request for photos with everyone implicated with their patterns. I'm going to have some questions for several of you on the how to's because I'm gonna be catching some steelhead on your flies (but I'll be losing some in trees and snags too so I need to know a bit more so I can replicate them with some degree of decency).
  4. I used cotter pins for the pink MOAL lookin thing. I bought 1000 for $20 a few years ago for shanks, probably won't ever run out :)
  5. Borg, where did you get these at? do you like tying on them?
  6. Flyborg, yours was one of the patterns that I was talking about. I second the request for where you found your cotter pins. Both ends have a loop, or just the lead end with a string tied in like a standard hook clipped off with a trailer? Will I find them at my local large or small hardware store?
  7. I got 'em off ebay. If I'm not mistaken, this is the exact same guy running the same deal.

    I love fishing them because they're cheap and strong, and stainless steel is nice. Tying on them took a while to get used to, as you can really only vise grip them at the head. Trying to grip them from the rear they just twist for some reason. They're open at the rear, so you need to tie the articulation just like you would a cut hook shank.

    I've seen people express concern about the back edge of the pin being too sharp, but using fireline for the articulation I've never had a problem, even with some monster kings yarding on the flies.
  8. Has anyone ever resolved the weight and flat end by fitting two cotter pins together (fully or partially overlapped) then tied up to present a loop at each end? I'm not sure it would hold, but someone out there must have thought and tried the same idea.

    Thanks for the link Flyborg, I will consider those.
  9. PM me if you want my fly.
  10. wow best swap i have been in these are awesome.
  11. Yeah, I didn't want to sound like a Dick to other swaps I've been in, but I was thinking that I could pretty much just tip the envelope into my vest pocket and go winter steelheading, and maybe wouldn't have the exact fly I wanted, but would be able to fish with confidence by randomly plucking one out of the pocket. I especially like the fact that I don't tie much with Bunny so I have a bunch I would never tie to throw.
  12. Great swap fellas. I like everything I recived. Monkey thanks for the extra, it's very nice.

    Charlie I have your tie and I'll be swinymphing it with the others this week.

  13. this was actually the first articulated set of flies i have ever tied so i hope they didnt come out to bad but i hope i can get in more swaps with you guys. great job again to everyone
  14. I'll certainly be more prepared to tie something better next time. I've been replicating a couple of the intruder type patterns the past couple of nights. I got great flies and examples of patterns from you guys, sorry all you got from me was a ball of fur with a tail.
  15. Mumbles, that fly will own largies come spring. Big bass should suck that thing up without temptation!
  16. Yeah, but I modeled it after two patterns in older steelhead texts and compared to the other flies mine just do not measure up. The cats like them! I think they will do well tossed along shorlines, over pads and under branches (under branches on rivers was the application in the steelhead books).

    I was gonna try to tie up a duckling pattern, big nasties for big nasties, right?
  17. Hey, it was unique and it'll catch fish, I personally can't wait to try skating it :)
  18. Looks like most/everyone got thier flies? If someone could do pics that would be cool, I have been getting some requests.
  19. havent gotten mine yet but sounds like I will be pleased when I do :)
  20. Re: Articulated Steel Swap

    Looks like most/everyone got thier flies? If someone could do pics that would be cool, I have been getting some requests.

    I have been following this one and would love to see the flies. So if someone could take the time to put some photos up - I would owe ya one.


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