Articulated Steel Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Monkey Salad, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. If I can find my camera I'll give it a shot. I have not seen that sucker in over a week though. Probably in a jacket, vest or float tube pocket.
  2. whoever tied that articulated egg sucking leech got me hooked into my first steelhead today. i lost it shortly after but im still kind of proud haha
  3. Good work Zach. Which ESL?

    I posted that I'd throw on some photos. I'm not entirely sure who tied what, but as details filter in and you claim your flies I will edit the post accordingly.

    Here are the articulated steel swap ties: (if someone with more posting knowlege can get these into the gallery if having them here is a problem I'd appreciate it. If you need them sent from me to somewhere...let me know)

    blackyellow.JPG blueblue.JPG bluebunny leech.JPG pinkpurple esl.JPG yelloworange.JPG
    redpurple.JPG purple esl.JPG pink esl.JPG pinkpurple.JPG mumbles meager mouse.JPG

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  4. Thanks - Mumbles
    Nice flies gentlemen - good work
  5. why are there patterns that are different from what i got in the pics? put these bad boys in the gallery
  6. 3 of those flies were not swap flies. There were 10 fies in the swap.
  7. Sorry for the confusion. The top large set of photos are from the swap (correct me if I'm still wrong) and the three at the bottom are ones I tied with available materials and colors to replicate the intruder type patterns.

  8. Hey mumbles, when you are tying the orange yellow "sol duc trane" make sure the first thing you tie on the shank is a ball of material to spread the tail materials. Also if you have matching dyed skinny grizzly hackle, one on each side doesn't hurt...
  9. Philster, thank you. I just got some orange and yellow ostrich herl yesterday or the day before in my mail order. I was wondering how it kept its fullness when wet and in the current, that body dubbing ball is the trick, right? Thanks again, that bright ass fly has to induce a strike, very cool pattern.

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