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Discussion in 'Patterns' started by riseform, Oct 27, 2009.

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    Ralph Cutter's "Bugs of the Underworld" DVD has footage of a dislodged stonefly drifting along the river bottom. The nymph appears light as a feather, arching with legs outstretched as it's lighter colored abdomen rolls into view. Cutter contrasts the appearance of the natural nymph compared to the usual rigid, heavily weighted stonefly pattern.

    With this in mind, I tied up a few unweighted articulated stonefly prototypes and thought I'd give them a try on my recent trip to MT. Taking a brief break from streamers, I dead drifted one on the Yellowstone last week and produced this whitefish on the first cast. I'm guessing if I had the patience to keep nymphing, I could have eventually hooked a trout. Just food for thought (no pun intended) for future stonefly designs.
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    I saw a similar video and your right, no bottom bumping for the real thing. Twisting and free floating. Going to have to tie some unweighted articulated stones as well.

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    Just an update as my previous report was limited....recent trials effective for trout as well.
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    here is a pattern i got in a swap that is still going on. pretty BA. the body hinges off the thorax
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    that's almost too pretty to fish, very nice
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    Riseform, awesome fly. I need to learn to tie stoneflies.
    Mike, mind dropping the dime on who tied that fly? I can see his/her PM box filling up fast for pattern requests. That looks good enough to eat just to see if it crunches as realistic as it looks.
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    it was from a swap on a utah site