Articulated Streamers by Fish Skull

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by GAT, Oct 25, 2013.

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    Silvercreek can not get on the site due to a glitch. Evidently his IP address is blocked because the system must believe he is a spammer. He asked me to post this here and ask if anyone can help with his problem.

    If this has not been posted, would you do so for me under the fly tying section under:

    Would you let them know the post is from me so that maybe I can get back on line sooner?

  2. pittendrigh

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    I love it. I've got a bunch of that synthetic hackle like stuff and never knew what to do with it.
  3. jeff bandy

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    I've seen this before.

    Love the look in the water but, I wonder about casting it. Also the video editor needs to back off the quad/shots before work.;)
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  4. Stonefish

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    I posted the same video back in July regarding the Game Changer fly pattern.
    Interesting concept, I wonder how it casts and what the cost is per fly once you buy all the different sized spines.
  5. GAT

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    I'm crushed. For 2014, Hareline stopped selling the Fish-Skull Flasher (spinning blade). Guess I was the only guy buying them to tie with fly patterns :)
  6. pittendrigh

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    Here's a vaguely similar idea--the Jolly Roger--tied (temporarily) on extra thin stainless steel wire held between two vises. And then slid off the wire once tied, so the whole length of the fly is supple. Where one vise has a swivel in the jaws and the other is a rotary, so you can spin the wire. The fly itself is tied on a length of Dacron backing with a hook snelled in the middle. A big tail at the end catches the current and makes this end-to-end fly curve waft and wiggle like a snake. This is definitely a powerful big fish fly. Proven itself many times over, going on a good five years now.

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