Articulated Streamers

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by CaddisHatch15, May 12, 2008.

  1. I am tying up some streamers for a Bull Trout Trip here in a couple of weeks (down to the Metolious and then up to BC). I was just wondering what insight you guys had on tying atriculated/string leeches/big ass streamers. Any good tips as far as good materials, good techniques for tying in the trailer hooks, and any "secret/good" patterns and colors ya'll had luck with. I appreciate it.

  2. I tie a variety of string leeches using 30lb. Berkley Fireline. I use a 3X long streamer hook. Cut about a length of Fireline and double it over. Lay down a thread base on the hook and then tie down the butt ends of the Fireline, leaving about 3/4" of the butts sticking out over the eye. Bend the butts back over and lash down. Dab a little super glue and the hook is prepared with a loop of Fireline protruding off the back of the hook. Vary the length of the loop to vary the length of the fly. I usually use magnum strips for the tail and the wrap cross cuts up the shank. I've also tied them w/ dumbbell eyes and a spun deer hair head. Then cut off the bend of the streamer hook and file off the burrs. I attach the hook by either inserting the loop of Fireline into a stout needle eye and pulling it through the rabbit strip and then inserting the loop through the eye of a Gamakatsu octopus hook and pulling the loop over the back of the hook and pulling taut, or just attaching the hook and the poking the hook through the rabbit strip and pulling it through. It's pretty simple though I'm not sure I gave a real good explanation.

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