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  1. Okay though I am new to this site I have been on others for years...The funny thing is I am finding myself a little confused about who is talking to me vs someone else here...and whats with the points thingy? And how do I change my moniker image from a question mark? And whats with the ratings thingy too?
  2. BTW, I have often be said to have a keen grasp on the obvious.

    I'll share my gift and say that and Arts & Literature forum would be a great addition to WFF!
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  3. A voice from the misty dawn and the fish are rising...
  4. Skip, click on your moniker at the right upper corner of the page and open your profile page. The question avatar should be shown. Click on the avatar and that should open a message box where you can search and insert your own avatar.
  5. A fly sinks through the rising mist at first light ... kisses gently the water's sleeping face ... hungry trout disturbs the still water's rest ... connections pull the past to present.

    (I am in over my head and know it)

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  6. Actually...not so! rather nice!
  7. It ain't all about fly fishing...I write poetry...about many things...this is one i wrote today in about 15 minutes based on a painting done in the last week...


    I’ll follow
    Trace a path
    Harsh light

    To begin
    Of warmth
    And shadow

    Some mysteries
    Are seen
    Provide answers
    We trace
    This space

    Also hold
    And etcetera… Skip Enge - Ampersand small.jpg Skip Enge - Ampersand small.jpg

  8. I do a lot of stuff...including being an organic gardener and seed saver and sharer for 30 years...
  9. A bad photo of an Alaskan cedar carving
    Stoked on the new mini forum image.jpg image.jpg
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  10. Well, evidently one long thread won't make it as a forum. Therefore, if you're interested in creating an Arts and Literature Forum, you need to show your work by posting individual threads so they can be moved to the forum... otherwise, there wouldn't be anything in the forum other than this one thread.
  11. Well, we could keep this thread going until the end of the month and then have someone start a new one at the start of December. We could call it "December Arts and Literature Thread", or something like that. Might help mitigate the complaints about too many NFR threads popping up on the FF forum while we continue to demonstrate the interest in a dedicated forum here.

    Not sure where that idea came from. ;)

  12. This thread is getting loooong...don't know if I posted this here yet...but I have 40 of these flie "portraits" framed individually...and by the way though this is always right side up in my computer it always posts upside down here...which is vaery you can either stand on your head or turn your monitor upside down...These are available from here:, Vancouver,WA..ship anywhere easy... Flie scan small.jpg to 5 1/2X6 1/2" for Christmas giving if you are interested...
  13. Skip,

    The scanned images sure have more life, for lack of a better word, than the cellphone camera shots. Even a guy with challenged color perception like me can appreciate the difference.

    BTW, I could not find your "fly plate" projects at the gallery website.
  14. That is because that was just a way to scan a lot of them at the gallery...360-696-0449
    Not all work is show on the gallery site ...not even close...I have 40 of these little fly paintings...8 framed singly...the rest are stored ...not committing to framing them all or even ganging some in a frame until some sell...So a call to the gallery would answer your questions...I mean 9 could be framed together...but they wouldn't be $60 framed...they woukld be substantially more than that...I had no idea if anyone would want them...I am a bit surprised at the low price point that none have sold yet never knows...I am sure Elizabeth would work with you if you had something in mind...that is how she earns her commission from my work
  15. I was a bit concerned that folks would want specific flies that perhaps I didn't paint...what I painted I painted...thought the "plate" would show 28 of the 40...I didn't scan the rest...they are for a miniature show currently at the gallery with some of my other work that is not fly fishing related...
  16. I did a series of small 5" X 7" paintings of trout for my Field and Stream show in 2009

    I have a couple at River City Fly Shop in Beaverton, OR where they have languished for over a year....thinking about pulling them and giving them as gifts or donating...This original was given to a long time fly tyer and fisherman who was dying...he was terminal...I read about him from one of his friends...called him and he proceeded to talk my ear off for a couple hours it seemed...he loved brown trout..

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  17. Amazing work posted here. I'm enjoying all of it.
  18. Wow, amazing talent. You gentleman are bringing some real class to WFF.
    Thanks for sharing!
  19. Pair of Chukars, some of my earlier wood carvings. Chukars (5).JPG
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