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Discussion in 'Arts and Literature' started by GAT, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Nice!
  2. Absolutely beautiful Gary...I really like the way you created the symbolizes rather than depicts and keeps the emphasis on the birds...that's good composition IMO!
  3. another little 5X7" painting from a past fly fishing themed show...The original is framed and for sale at the River City Fly shop in Beaverton, OR Red-Band.jpg
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  5. Post the Scream...Dammm I love that one...and perhaps a bit obtuse...Ha!
  6. Skip, evidently no one, other than you or I get the gag. Unless you're into masterpiece paintings, it probably makes no sense. Chances are, unless you're familiar with the Sword in The Stone aspect of the tale of King Arthur, my avatar draws a blank.

  7. Gene, it's the size for the avatar. When I first saw it I thought "Why is the guys junk glowing?"
  8. Come on God, give em their own forum.
  9. Well they only give you so much room :)

    Here's the full size bit:

  10. Love that one Gene!
  11. "Howards Catch"

    a portrait of a long gone friend , from 1981

    He loved fly fishing Howards-Catch1981.jpg the Metolius...back in the day...he ate one once in a while
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  12. Skip, I have seen that one before, it is one of my favorites
  13. Thnak you! and the painting was a bit tedious...sometimes I do stuff to prove I can...but prefer a less realist approach...but bluegill are such beautiful little fish I figured I needed to go that route...
  14. Gary you will have probably seen all these I post before...I work topically in so many different realms ...I thought only riverine landscapes and fly fishing related stuff would be required here...don't think it makes a lot of sense to post my current's looser more abstracted and primarily botanical or symbolic...most of my poetry isn't (100 of them so far) a good fit here either...
  15. Gotta say, the talent displayed in this thread is truly outstanding! Very impressive, guys!
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  16. She only gave me a B- for it
  17. Don't feel bad.... I ended up with a C in my art appreciation class in college. The instructor wasn't impressed with a stop sign I painted flesh color around the "STOP", then shot holes through it with an M-1 (a 22 just dented the metal) and used red paint to look like blood dripping from the holes. It was during the Vietnam War and I thought it was a brilliant work of anti-war artwork. She didn't (probably a damned hawk) :)
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  18. This instrutor thinks we are master art students or something. It is ceramics 1, introduction to ceramics. What does she want?
  19. Practice, focus, discipline and then mastery.
  20. This piece is from the children's hospice in Tacoma
    I was not the lead artist
    But I built the boat that was turned into bronze
    The kids play in it image.jpg

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