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Discussion in 'Arts and Literature' started by GAT, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Well, that is as neat as you can get! Great piece!
  2. Love the Tom Robbins quote...a favorite author of that Vonnegut era...a master of prose, vision and humor...
  3. Wonderful concept and execution not to mention it's placement...

    I worked as an exhibit designer and builder for about 30 I have designed created installed and seen many installations of art...this one is wonderful!
  4. "Best Drift"
    a small painting of a little creek I have always's also an old one from 1996 Best Drift.jpg
  5. Gene as I have said before it's about "risk"

    Remember Gary Larsons "Cow Tools"?'s one of my faves too...but then I'm a little twisted... ;)
  6. "The Lesson"

    teaching my youngest daughter to flyfish...I gave the painting to her...It is also in the same place as the previous Best Drift post...just about 100' upstream...I hope to go back there to paint next summer The Lesson.jpg
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  7. Here are some of my carvings and one of my paintings.
  8. DSC05649.JPG DSC05659.JPG DSC05905.JPG DSC06768.JPG DSC06827.JPG
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  9. Wow! Beautiful work.
  10. Wonderful stuff here everyone! Thanks for sharing with those of us whose talents are (ahem) less developed.
  11. How about teaching some of us fly-forum types to paint? :)
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  12. well i will tell ya I was always drawing as a kid...practice drawing...a lot...don't be heavy's about feeling's Ugh! a sort of feminine side of really is...then study color theory and paint...never use black...learn to mix interesting color and understand what that does...then paint and experiment for a lifetime what matters to you not what you think folks will like and buy...then you might find your unique voice...that is what it is about...your "voice"...sound possible? It aint like learning to fly cast...okay? When ya ask shit like that it makes me wonder if people really understand at all what being an artist is. I can paint in any way anything I want...I do commissions of what clients want...but when i paint I paint for me and it's not for everyone...I realize i am in an nth percentile...i think is and can be instructional...buit beyond that it relies upon you to take it for a ride into your realm...It's an extension of your mind...the depth you go is up to you and your skill and willingness to explore...get it?
  13. I think so. I've learned alot from photography about composition. I've learned alot from drafting about scale and perspecive. I've learned alot about 'voice' from reading and writing. But I know nothing about brushes, or mediums, or technique, or the chemistry of painting. I usually like to experiment when learning something new, but......why learn bad habits? :)
  14. The urge to create is not a gift. All my siblings have some artistic talent yet my parents had none. Odd. I don't create for some mystical reason, I create because I want to. Humans have created art since the days of cavemen. It's just a part of humanity. Some are born with the skills others learn the skills. I'm an entertainer and I create to entertain. Others create for themselves and that's fine. I create for others to view or read. No biggie. It's simply part of my personality.

    There's a fairly famous artist who lives on the coast and Virginia really likes his work and owns a number of his prints. Once a year he opens his gallery and home so folks can talk with him, eat a little cheese and drink a little wine. I remember first meeting the guy when he was selling time shares at a resort on the coast because he couldn't make money with his artwork. At that time, he was a normal guy.

    The last time we went on the "art walk" and visited his home I overheard him talking to some of his fans. He was telling them that the painting was hiding in the canvas and all he had to do was uncover it. What a bunch of bullshit. There's nothing mystical about the guy painting... there is no hidden painting waiting for him to uncover it. What a laugh! Considering I knew the guy when he was selling time shares, I almost laughed out loud when I heard his words and his groupies were hanging on every word. Uncovering a hidden painting my ass.

    The guy is simply skilled enough to be a painter. People now buy his paintings so he can support himself. Humans have many different skills, some have artistic skills, it's as simple as that.

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