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  1. Hey all. Been away a bit with a new fish hobby...FishKEEPING instead of fish CATCHING. Weird transition but obsessed none the less. Well in an effort to make room for my quickly expanding collection of Tanks I have decided a book case is takin up important real estate for my new African Paladarium I'm doin. So the following titles are available and in excellent shape....

    "The Art of Fly Fishing" by Paul Ferson/Margot Page...$12
    "Fishbugs" by Thomas Ames Jr...$15
    "Advanced Custom Rod Building" by Dale Clemens...SOLD
    "Fly Rod Building Made Easy" by Art Scheck
    "Start to Finish Fly Rod Building" by Ryan Seiders and Dan Smith...both for $10
    "CaddisFlies" by Gary LaFontaine...SOLD
    "Fly Fishing for Pacific Salmon"...SOLD
    "Fly Fishing for Pacific Salmon II"...SOLD
    "Flyfishing Coastal Cutthroat Trout"...SOLD
    "The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Knots & Ropework" by Geoffrey Budworth...$10
    "The MarlinSpike Sailor" by Hervey Garrett Smith...$10
    "Growing Gourmet Mushrooms and Medicinal Mushrooms. 3rd Ed" by Paul Stamets...$25

    Individual books are firm but of course I'll deal of multiples. Media mail shipping is cheapest. Thanks and tight lines to all...

    You are welcome to text me at
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  3. Bump...gotta say...a couple of these titles are really great coffee table style books with some stunning photos...
  4. One last bump...$3 off every remaining title.

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