At what elevation do you get concerned about pontoon pressure??

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Rob Hardman, Apr 8, 2014.

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    Hey all,
    Like the title says, at what point do you start taking measures to protect your boats? I really like having my pontoon fully inflated and ready to toss in the water upon arrival. Last year my dad and I went up to Leech Lake and had to stop a couple times to let air out, but how about just heading up Hwy 18 to fish Rattlesnake? I think 18 hits maybe 1500 ft at Tiger Mountain. Anyone experienced any problems at that elevation?
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    I was concerned with temps over elevation, now ya got me thinking. I take my toon over the pass often with no issues(casualities) of severe pressure. I did leave it beached on a river in the heat of Summer for a few hours and when i came back to the boat i thought the toons had turned to stone. They were rock hard and i about shit, couldn't get the extremely hot air out fast enough.
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    I live at 4327 feet. To hit most of our Stillwater we hit is at around 7,612 to around 10,050 feet, we definitely head out with the boats maybe 3/4 full. They are usually fully inflated once we get there but we have topped off before.