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  1. Gents, I thought it'd be really great to take a trip to Iceland for my 70th birthday, but after checking out the rod fees, I'm not that stoked to pony up the small fortune required. What about the eastern seaboard of Canada? Does anybody have knowledge of that area, the hot rivers and such? Even in Quebec (gasp!), since I speak French. Driving across the nation might be fun, too!
  2. Look at Quebec Sporting they have many options for the eastern Gaspe and fish
  3. Hi Alex. In New Brunswick the Miramichi River supports a big Atlantic Salmon run. I haven't been out that way in a long time so I can't say if it is still the spot for Atlantic Salmon in NB.

  4. Thanks, guys! Time to think about planning a trip, and Terry, thanks for that video. I don't think I truly appreciated the magnificence of this creature. Wish we had them here in larger numbers, but I also understand that those which escape the breeding pens here, are considered invasive species, and that they lessen the genetics of the native stock. Pity!
  5. With your surname, have you considered Scotland? Not as wild as most of the Canadian rivers. Given the choice between the two...flip a coin. Both have attributes and detriments. More variety in the Canadian provinces with more options from DIY to full lodges. Including wilderness. The Scottish experience is sublime, if you do your homework and get on a good beat on a good river at the right time...there are fish a plenty to be caught. Either way, pick a time when the fish are running and mint bright.
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  6. Funny, my neighbor, near 70 if not already there, was looking into the same trip and was in a bit of sticker shock as well. He brought it up during or neighborhood Chicken-foot domino game. He has been wanting to do this for some time, but now he's thinking it may simply be too much and is looking at options along the North American continent. Sounds like there are a couple that might be just as good and easier on the purse...leaving more mula for fine scotch and cigars.
  7. A couple of my friends did Quebec this fall and had a blast, but the run wasn't huge or their timing was a bit off. They hit the not so secret spots on the Gaspe and Cascapedia. I hear access is tougher and spendier than b.c. I speak French as well and hope to make the trip soon some June.

    For frequently cheap fares out of NY and possibly SeaTac, I recommend Ireland, specifically the River Moy, and other spots in the north of Ireland. Beats in town or in the country are reasonable; hands down the friendliest people in Europe. I hear there are good rivers throughout the western part of Ireland, even in Galway. I worked in a trip prior to a UK wedding and had a blast.
  8. I want to fish the Maritime Provinces so bad. I was born in Newfoundland, but my parents moved back to the states when I was three. I have planned several trips back, but I never made it past Cape Breton in Nova Scotia, and never with a fly rod. My dad always talks about the dry fly fishing in the lake we camped/lived on each summer.

    Giant brook trout, Atlantic's, thanks Alex, I'm never getting to sleep now.

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  9. I agree with Inland, being a Macdonald your family might be from Glencoe,
    1. Some died in their beds at the hands of the foe
      Some fled in the night, and were lost in the snow.
      Some lived to accuse him, that struck the first blow
      But gone was the house of MacDonald
    Salmon fishing, the only Malt whisky trail in the world, home of all things Speycasting, and some friendly people and its the Home coming year in Inverness,

    So you know there is going to be a party or two.

    DTX Pro Staff.
  10. Aye! And you could have a wee dram or two as well!
    Sine Fine,
  11. Alex,
    Might be worth looking into the Southern Hemisphere, I recall reading about some Atlantics in Eastern T. F. and Argentina? Not sure in what numbers, but more than I'd have thought. Also, once you're talking that kind of money, Patagonia and TF are hard to beat. Friend of mine was high rod there a couple years ago with an 8 weight SH; 3 or 4 over 20 lbs. and many over 10, too many between 5-10#s to count. Yes, they were Browns, not AS, but still.
    That's on my bucket list on my re-retirement, along with Kamchatka.
  12. Alex,

    Call me. I can put you in touch with a few guys that I can personally vouch for. For what that's worth. ;)

    Not from Glencoe, Gordon, but from Menstrie in Clackmannanshire. I'm the direct descendent of Sir William Alexander, 1st Earl of Stirling. Our family's originally from Tarbert, on Harris, but left the island in the latter part of the 13th century. Sir Willaim's 5th son John emigrated from Scotland and came to what's now Alexandria, VA in 1659. His other kids didn't live all that long, unfortunately. As a Regional Commissioner Emeritus for the clan however, I'm very familiar with the Glencoe massacre. The Clan regions all memorialize it every February with a gathering and ceremony.
    Cruel is the snow that sweeps Glencoe, and covers the grave of Donald.

    Deireadh an latha, S`Fhear na Donnalaich!

    It also helps to be a faculty member at a University when researching your family's paper trail:D Took me 6 years or so to find the manuscript concerning a name change from Mac Donald to Alexander!
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  13. thanks, John; gonna be awhile, but the time will probably pass too quickly!
  14. thanks, John; gonna be awhile, but the time will probably pass too quickly! Sux to get old(er)!!
  15. David Bishop is the man to talk to for your Gaspe trip...

  16. I would agree with Jumbo, but I would also add Jim Rusher. He has been guiding on the Gaspe for many many years. He is a spey fisherman, and a good friend. He used to work for Orvis teaching spey casting, and he used to own Whitakers on the Salmon River New York.
    You can find his web page by doing a google search for his name.

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