Atlas & Gazetteer for British Columbia

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Josh, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. Josh

    Josh dead in the water

    It would appear that delorme doesn't make the Atlas & Gazetteer for Canada.

    So does anyone know of something of similar quality for British Columbia?
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  2. Charles Sullivan

    Charles Sullivan dreaming through the come down

    Backroads something or other. Maybe backroads atlas? The other option is to use the interwebz. There are some fine maps that can be found.

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  3. Brian Thomas

    Brian Thomas Active Member

    Backroads Map Books . They have several out , each featuring regional areas of the Province . They can be wildly inaccurate and outdated though .

    If you`re looking for info on specific bodies of water , this is a decent place to start .
  4. Josh

    Josh dead in the water

    Hmmmm, well that's encouraging.

    A shame, I really like keeping the WA atlas/gazetteer in my truck. Very handy. Don't understand why they don't make them for canada.

    I may just end up loading an old iphone with some sort of map pack or GPS setup.
  5. ribka

    ribka Active Member

    I have a backroads book for BC if you want to borrow it. I fish BC quite often. Based upon my experiences have to use various maps like the backroads books, join internet BC fishing forums and talk to locals up there in fly shops and on the water and get out and fish and take notes.

    I have yet to find one good source of fly fishing info for BC.
  6. Vladimir Steblina

    Vladimir Steblina Retired fishing instead of working

    The base maps for the gazetteer come from US Government sources. The primary base series they use is the US Census Tiger files.

    Not sure how Canada does their census. They might not do a map set to check for residents.

    Also as I understand it the Canadian government "sells" their data, whereas, all the US Government maps are in public domain. The US Government could do pretty well selling GPS access, maps, and other stuff that is free!!