August Pink Reports

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by jwg, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Time for a new thread to replace the Pink Recon thread, in my humble opinion.
  2. One very bright pink about 5lbs near Port Townsend last Sat and one 4lb coho. Both on a pink clouser. One surface swirl with a popper that I tied on after bringing two fish to hand.
  3. Fished Sunday at Brown's Point during the end of low tide and nothing. Saw a boat catch a dog fish and that was about it! Hopefully this Saturday brings in some fish and I get to punch the card for the first time in 2 years.
  4. Admiralty Bay beach, evening high tide, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday saw maybe two dozen pinks, plus three chinook (one 23#, guy next to me!) taken and a few coho. All on gear. Boats also got a few. No love for me on fly gear. Working at Camp Casey Kiwanis severly disabled kids camp. You can learn a lot from those kids...
  5. Picked up my first pink of the year yesterday on a N. Sound beach.

  6. Patience, grasshopper. The fish will come. I saw more today in less than two hours than the week before. It's almost time.
  7. saltcastings,
    I really want to say that looks like a wild coho. Nice fish
  8. If you said it, you would be right
  9. Ya the scales definitely look too big to be a pink. Pretty little unclipped coho then. Steve- I'll probably be out tomorrow AM.
  10. My vote is also for wild coho. Doesn't seem to be oval spots all over the tail.
  11. For sure a wild coho, hope it didn't meet the BBQ.
  12. Thanks for the feedback, gentlemen. Either way you'll be glad to know the fish was very much alive when I released it.
  13. It's best to keep them off the rocks when you intend to release. It can mess them up more than it might appear.
  14. Scoured a prominent Vashon Is. beachhead this morning from 10 to noon on the outgoing tide--nada. Few boat anglers were close and I did not see them hooked up, either. Admittedly, I was after SRCs and decidedly non-pink flies after rezzies, but there was no surface action of any kind. Coming back to Fauntleroy on the ferry I did see one fish jump way out in the middle. I'll be putting down the 6 weight in favor of the 8 weight starting this weekend and targeting our pink brethren proper. Can't wait!
  15. 9:00am. On the Kingston Ferry out of Edmonds . About 500yds off the Beach I saw several large pods of fishies. To the south by the Marina were only a few boats out..??? Docking into Kingston was a big floatila of about 40 boats. You guys were on the wrong side of the sound!!!!!! No reports on the way back..I fell asleep in the truck.
  16. Nada at Kayak Point tonight on incoming tide.
  17. Hit Tacoma this PM and saw a huge
    school of pinks in cans at Trader Joes.
  18. I stopped by Dash Point State park yesterday. Nothing but kids having fun in the water. Any news on the Skykomish or Skagit yet of pinks?
  19. Caught a 4lb Pink on my third cast tonight at PNP. That was it. Saw one other pink caught as well as a 7lb wild Nookie that the guy bonked. :(
  20. All quiet at DPSP this evening from 5:00-8:00. No fish showing on the surface, didn't see anyone with fish on out in the boats, nothing for me...

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