August Pink Reports

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by jwg, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. phil217

    phil217 Member

    Was out at LP last night...Saw nothing caught from 5-7pm...There were 3 other fly guys by the time I left...lots of salad in the water...
  2. Ian Broadie

    Ian Broadie Flyfishing is so "Metal"

    I did my best copy of Evan's fly and found it to be quite successful the last time I was in the salt.. as in 0 fish caught prior to tying on the fly and what would be a limit after tying on the fly. However I tried the same fly in the mighty Snohomish with 0 success.... did get one on a flashabou type fly later on though.
  3. porterHause

    porterHause Just call me Jon

    Phil, was that you I ended up parking next to on the beach last night? I'm the guy that had the white hat.

    One hook up from a buzz bomber at LP witnessed at slack tide...promptly lost. No other fish landed between 6-830.
  4. Greg Armstrong

    Greg Armstrong Active Member

    Five hours on the water; 2 for 3 for me yesterday area 11 on the flood between 2 and 7 pm. Not a lot of fish showing - maybe the bright sun and full bright moon put them a little deeper the past few days. I fished between Dumas Bay all the way around the corner of Browns Pt. into Commencement.
    The two I got were a little bigger than two years ago, as others have noted. Great day to be on the water regardless.. and fish are in the smoker.
  5. TheHunt

    TheHunt Member

    I went 8/14 on pinks last night on the Puyallup. Lots of fun and lots of fish. Be prepared to be chest deep to get away from people so you have some room to cast. I saw two other folks who were using a fly pole on the river as well.
  6. Matthew Gulbranson

    Matthew Gulbranson Resident Swinger

    0 for 0 for me yesterday in MA 11 on the beach. Only saw two caught from boats. I wonder were those fish in the straits are headed? I hope to at least get enought to fill the smoker this time ( I got a big smoker). We'll see if it happens...
  7. JesseC

    JesseC Active Member

    Lincoln Park was a bust this morning. There were more people than I expected for a wednesday morning - probably bout 60-70 guy all along the north point. No one from the beach caught anything that I saw from 7-11

    Saw two caught from boats, right off the point, about 100yds out. I flogged the south shore and was all alone... no bites. Saw a couple src jumping.
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  9. phil217

    phil217 Member

    Were you the guy in brown waders to my right? A gear guy was fishing between us?
  10. knotabassturd

    knotabassturd New Member

    Matt- Sounds like it is combat parking even around 6 AM at DP :( Was 'dawn' meaning you were getting there for parking before 6?

    I'm going to have to try Evan's retrieve when getting back out to DP. Don't have the specific pattern but can try it with what I do have. Hoping to get out Mon or Tues morning next week with an old flyfishing bud from years ago- get caught up on life, should be good fun regardless of fishing conditions at least (been about 20 years since flyfishing with this guy).

    Might scout out lower Puy tomorrow with gear (shhh :eek:) and see if it is even possible to be a fly guy out there.
    Seems a tough task with all the drift fishing, bobber, and/or jigging people. And steep bushy/grassy banks along Levee (back cast). I'm no roll caster, struggle bad enough on the regular wide-open backcast LOL.:beathead: Haven't been down though this year so who knows and it's worth a scouting trip anyhow.
    There are definitely fish in there coming thru in waves.

    Good to get all these reports/info here. It has been a long long time since I spent much time on the water until recently with a fly (or gear for that matter) but flyfishing has easily always been my favorite if I can get away with the time to do it. Wish it could be the streams of Montana/West Wyoming/Idaho for trout but life doesn't have that in the cards for now.
    Having the massive pink run close to home sure helps sell it to my wife as a practical alternative form of entertainment:)

    Anyhow, thanx to all on this board for all the feedback, info, and help. An extremely knowledgeable group here.:D
  11. porterHause

    porterHause Just call me Jon

    Guy in brown waders to somebody's left. Look for the guy in the wrist brace...I'm there most evenings.
  12. Nick Clayton

    Nick Clayton Active Member

    Fished about 2 1/2 hours at PnP this morning hoping for some early morning birthday action. Mighty dead. I was the shaker king for a couple hours. I must have landed 8-10 14-16" silvers. Was fun, but I was wanting something bigger. Saw one gear fish landed, and one lost. That was about it.
  13. hikepat

    hikepat Patrick

    Fishing still slow but found some. Ones is going on the grill tonight. Found none close to any beach but found at around 2PM school after school well out in the main chanel. Up till then found only 4 schools in 7 hours of fishing.
    These fish in main chanel were very easy to spook, making me think the fish have been hit so hard they are getting boat, beach and leader shy. They were spooked if you got even 100 foot with the kayak. It was pretty cool to watch the water move like boiling water when they would spook. to bad it also meant that I never got a cast into them. Gave up after a hour the main chanel even though I was still seeing more go through, but 8 hours of fishing for the day was enough.
    The one going on the grill had been at least close once to death before. It had seal teeth marks still fairly fresh and red on it. Guess I will have to cut that section out.
  14. JesseC

    JesseC Active Member

    what an unlucky bastard!
  15. constructeur

    constructeur Active Member

    How do you know if his parents were married or not?
  16. JesseC

    JesseC Active Member

    Sorry. I shouldn't assume. I just thought all pinks....

    Just got a report from a buddy in Davis Bay BC. He said pinks were on fire... one guy got four in four casts. Hopefully that means a large bulk of the run is still making its' way down.
  17. P.Dieter

    P.Dieter Just Another Bubba

    Pat, what color is your kayak? I was watching pinks from a bridge last run and they would freak at a bright colored boat, my reddish kickboat would spook them much more that my buddy's green one too.
  18. hikepat

    hikepat Patrick

    Orange and Yellow
  19. Jordan Simpson

    Jordan Simpson Active Member

    Have you thought of maybe trying to intercept them as they are moving in a certain direction? Maybe try paddling a head of them and waiting for them to get closer within casting distance?
  20. knotabassturd

    knotabassturd New Member

    Lower Puyallup/tidal affected portion recon- no room at all for backcast unless I want to take my chances wading out into the steep dropoff to hopefully find some gravel in short order after that. I didn't try and am not going to unless maybe the river drops.
    The gear worked fine though for some smoked salmon supply and the fish were in in the lower river. They are there if you know of a good spot to get out enough for a backcast. Bright and feisty too. I was there for high tide so the current slowed a bit with the influx of tidal water.