August Pink Reports

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  1. You need to go visit jedi Aaron Reimer (River Run Anglers) and have him teach you to single spey.

    My report: down South I found rafts of seaweed, coloured water, and few fish. I headed a bit farther North and was able to find cleaner water, a couple of fish, and a first for me; I was able to sight cast to a rat fish.(in my defense I saw a dark shape cruising and cast to it) Thank goodness for barbless hooks!
  2. rat fish on a fly
  3. Got to fish MA11 from a boat today with Roger Stephens! What a treat! Will post a detailed report, maybe, but hit 7 or 8 good spots down there. Dash was turbid and unfishable with the brown water and junk in the afternoon.. We got one pink and ran into Pat (HikePat) in his kayak.. I recognized him cause he was wearing his hat and he was in a kayak.. Now I get to clean the fish, it was bleed immediately, which I hate doing.. :cool:
  4. fished the snohomish this morn. 2 caught from the bank. 2 caught from a kayak.
    seems fish are moving thru and not sitting for long. some good size to em.
    dont think this run is near as big as 2 years ago. just my opinion.
  5. Take into consideration they are still catching a shit ton out in the straits...this run is far from over! On that note, I hit a N. Sound beach this evening with a few other fly flingers. Fish were jumping 2-300 yards out, I just couldn't cast that far. I didn't see anyone hook up, except with a flounder or BH.

    On another note - I wonder what the record is for longest thread on WFF? This might be the one to break it....we still got a ways to go.
  6. Fished Dash Point State Park tonight from 7:00 pm to 9:00. Water was murky, salad everywhere and no fish seen. Paddled down to the pier and still no fish-
    I didn't see any fish the whole night.

    I did see a Falcon dive for a bait fish right in front of me, that was cool.

    Where have all the fish gone? Last night at BP only saw 2 fish caught the whole day and both with in 2 minutes of each other and that was it for the day. I talked to a boater who had trolled from Redondo to BP and said he didn't see any fish or fish on the whole evening.
  7. Salad everywhere . . . Man is that the the understatement of the day! It was nearly impossible to drag a fly! Had two on but lost them both - I was a big fumbling klutz both times. The second fish put a substantial bend in the 7 weight so I was convinced I needed to play the fish off of the reel. I already mentioned how that turned out. Anybody know what stains the water so bad? It cleared up somewhat as the tide rolled in, but for a while there I thought I was fishing in an ocean full of root beer.
  8. The tides, a small tide exchange, I think. Went by Dash twice yesterday in the boat and when we came by the second time it was horrible there. Looked like a latte with floating chunks... didn't see anyone fishing and we moved on.

    As far as the numbers of fish, the fish cop we met at the launch told us that of 30 boats there were 50 fish brought in.. that was about 6pm last night.

    Discussed the numbers with Anil and Roger when we got back to his shop where my truck was and we don't think its over, just not a great day. On a positive note for yesterday, our first spot had plenty of fish, thats where Roger got his fish, but they weren't willing to play much and everytime we moved the boat into casting range they moved away from us. Still, an awesome day for me being out in the boat and "hunting" for some pink... :clown:
  9. Combination of low tide exchange and high glacial flows with warm daytime temps = poor vis and salad. Don't fret, there are plenty of fish sneaking by and they are there. They aren't going for buzz bombs and heavy weighted or big flies, so just because you neighbors who are fishing with trolled hoochies and 4 oz BBs aren't catching doesn't mean it's a bust. Think slow and sparse is what's getting it done. I've been fishing clear water with 15' of visibility. I can see schools of pinks, bait, and ratfish. They weren't showing as much as the day prior but they are there and with the proper fly and retrieve they will strike.
  10. The PSC tests have improved for the last three days, so there are still alot of fish comming!
  11. Hit PnP this morning.. Nothin doing for me or the other fly guys (nice to meet you Jeremy). Saw several nice severals landed by the buzzies. As I was leaving watched a guy land one about 10-12lbs. Beautiful fish. As I got near the parking lot I saw a fly guy land a fish. Couldn't tell what it was. Plenty of fish showing themselves, and plenty well within casting range, just couldn't get any interest. Pretty frustrating.

  12. Nice meeting you Matthew. Sad to hear it didn’t get going after I took off. I was having a heck of a time with the wind, but at least I did land that BH (ugly as sin) on a fly I tied (not too impressive, I hear they go for a hook covered with spit...). On that note, I was 1-1 with an ugly ass nuisance on the end of my line…not the pink I was hoping for.:beathead:

    It was nice chatting with you and good luck on the river.

  13. Pink salmon run well in to September and even early to mid October during extreme circumstances. At this point we are still in the leading edge of the run and over the next couple of weeks we will be seeing a large influx of fish, especially up north.
  14. 8/19 Dash Point Report

    Fished from 5:00 to 7:00 AM Mid-Incomming tide

    About 40 on the pier and 20 on the beach

    It was DEAD as a doornail this morning, add in a little wind and a pretty good chop on the water .... made me bail out earlier than normal.

    I saw 1 jumper, and 1 fish caught on gear during the time I was there.

    I know guys are doing well in boats, but I am about ready to call this a bad year for beach fishing. All I need is a 6+ hookup day to change my attitude. But, geez, I had several of those by this time on 2009.
  15. Newbie question: when fishing a river for these Pinks, what type of retrieve should be used? Fast strips, long slow ones, let it swing??? Tired of watching the gear dudes pull them in all around me this morning!
  16. if you guys need a quick pink fix, fling gear in the puyallup using 1/2 oz lead and pink yarn. you will limit in less than an hr. nothing wrong with flinging gear for a quick fix...
  17. In 2009 their biggest test in area 20 ( across from Neah bay, Van. Is.) was on sept. 9th 9830 humpies.
  18. PSC = Puget Sound Catch?

    Are these tests of which you speak posted anywhere on the web?
  19. FYI, Creel Report can be found at:

    It now has an archive feature; If you compare the present time period this year with same period in 2009, Everett /Central area was in the thick of the run by this time, and this year we are probably catching less than 20% as compared with 2009. Like everything else this year, just running late.
  20. Once to fog lifted I was finally able to get out and chase the Pinks. Found a few schools and was 3-9. Best day so far this season. Area 10.

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