August Pink Reports

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  1. I think he has the fishing down, not you need to teach the other guy how to net a fish.
  2. Yeah they were both new to fishing salmon and after that episode I showed him the proper technique.
  3. While not hot and fast like two years ago its still been pretty good for me. While the numbers are down the size is up by a lot on many of the fish caught and they seem to fight harder with more energy as well.
    Been skunked only twice out so far. Once when I fished from 11AM till 5:30 PM and spent most of the time that day visiting any ways and another skunk was the first time out for Pinks in which I was coaching two others how to catch Pinks and my buddy caught his first Salmon. Since then he caught two Rock Cod one last thursday on his own and another on Friday so a good start for him has been made and another turned on to fishing from Kayak
    Well I guess yesterday I did not get any Pinks so skunked on them a third time but has to settle for a 29" x 16.5" Girth Coho which I estimate to be over 9 LBS. Not to bad since I saw not another fish caught all day though I only fished from 11 AM till 2:30 PM. Amie got photo of me trying to land just before her camera battery went dead.
  4. LOL. I sure wouldn't want him on the net if I had a big Nookie on the end of my line. Nice to see a newbie get his first salmon and the net job was very entertaining. :thumb:
  5. Fished Commencement bay and the mouth of the Puyallup yesterday from in my toon 7:30 am to 12. Nada, zip, bupkiss. Didn't even see any movement. Then fished the Puyallup river by the soccer fields from 2pm to 7pm. Same results, even though the gear guys were hooking up every now and then all arouind me. Wouldn't call it hot but more fish than last week in the river. Now I just have to figure out why they weren't running into my fly :)
  6. Fished Dash Pt this morning. Picked up a nice male (no hump yet) at about 8:00 on the incoming. Didn't see any other hook-ups from beach or pier. I spent most of the morning BSing with a buddy but the fish was nice. I'll try again tomorrow. Lots of salad later in the morning.
  7. Hooked 3, landed 1 plus a small chinook (18") in area 6 this morning.

    Nice sunrise before the rain and wind.

  8. Nice pic Chris! This rain today and cooler temps should get things rolling!!
  9. Gorgeous morning on a MA 9 beach today. My favorite time and tide. No chrome! About ten other fishermen, but no one having any luck that I could see. A couple of jumpers, pretty far out though. Three bullheads and a flounder saved a total skunking. Actually, it might have been two bullheads and a flounder, as I swear one very large bullhead may have ambushed my fly twice. Don't these pinks know that they are late for a date!
  10. Monday evening at Picnic. Weak tide changes meant lots of salad. Windy. Fished for two hours or so. Zip, nada & nothing. Same for soon-to-be teenage son fishing with gear. Other guys around - mix of fly and gear - with no readily observed hookups. Did find some new pinhole leaks in waders. Time for aquaseal or new ones.
  11. Had a pretty epic morning. Took my awesomely weird neighbor, who I call Weird Al, out for his first time fishing in about 20yrs. Got him hooked up.

    View attachment 43715

    Picked up some serious toads this morning too. The one in this shot gave me multiple impressive leaps and cartwheels, and pulled quite a lot of backing in no time flat. Best fight I've had in a long time.

    View attachment 43714
  12. Nice looking fish. Particularly for fresh water (my guess based on the Weird Al photo).

    Checked the creel reports for the previous week and it looked like things held steady out in the straits, picked up in the North/Central sound, and absolutely dropped off a cliff in the South sound. Makes me thankful for my one fish day in the greater Redondo area on Sunday. Looks like I more or less matched the total count at the ramp.

    Can't help but wonder if the fish in the Straits are actually headed for Canadian rivers as opposed to rivers in the sound. Even if all of the fish are gunning it up the rivers, it's hard to reconcile what I've seen so far in MA11 with anything but a massive decline in the YTD totals for the run. After striking out at Redondo, I took a trip a bit further south to check things out at DP and BP, and stopped by the Cliff House parking lot overlooking Commencement Bay on the way out. We probably spend 20 minutes surveying the water from there, and another 40 minutes surveying the water at various points along the Bay and literally saw nothing. That doesn't necessarily mean that there weren't any fish there, but it's certainly a far cry from 2009.

    At this point I've more or less written off the South Sound run (but I'll be delighted if I'm totally wrong) for fishing purposes, and am just hoping enough fish make it through to plant the seeds for a decent run in 2011.
  13. Geez, It took me a while to realize this was a fish photo. All I could see at first was that beautiful hat.

  14. I'm well ahead of where I was in 2009 at this point. I'm 100% fine with the way things are going so far.
  15. I checked Dash Pt. from the pier this afternoon. Looks to me like that sparse rain brought some more in as there were several laying on the dock and I saw about ten hook-ups in a fifteen minute period before I left. They know how to hook 'em but can't land them for beans. I may go down this evenig for a bit but there was a lot of crap in the water so it may make beach fishing difficult. Please note Evan's fish: no hump. I still contend that we haven't reached the peak of the run and that we have a couple more good weeks ahead. Even at that, we are three weeks in and it won't last forever. I've had better years but this one has not been bad.
  16. Evan, have you moved on to fresh water or still hitting the beaches (or both). I've been SWAMPED at work and haven't gotten to go out much. I was hoping to make it out on Sunday morning and was planning on a couple MA9 beaches but would consider a river too although I have never looked in to location for rivers. This is the first Pink run I've followed so really don't know what I'm doing! haha
  17. don't ask him how many he's couged this year though. :rofl: :beathead:
  18. I'm fishing tidal influence water on the river... So kinda both.
  19. Sorry if I missed a post somewhere in 19 pages (!!!), but it seems to me that what we may be seeing is that due to the still-crazy-high rivers, the fish are just not staging in the salt like they would in a "normal" low-water year. I know I was catching Skagit fish in the river in the first couple weeks of August when there was no real sign of fish in Skagit Bay at all.

    That being said I definitely agree that there are waaaaaaaaaay more fish to come, especially in the North Sound. Oh yeah, and in the FRASER where there are still about 17 million fish yet to come!!

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