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  1. Steve- How do you fly-fish @ Spokane St?
  2. BP 7:30 AM to 11. Saw fish (in the water 6 feet away swimming by). That's the best I could do for myself. Gear chuckers below the lighthouse were having better luck. One guy beached 2 and had 3 LDRs. Had another guy get one on one side of me and another fly-guy get one on my other side. I think if Pinks had fingers I know what the one swimming by would have been doing;-}
  3. Steady schools moving through in the Duwi at the low tide. Steady fishing, but nothing crazy. Lots of boats arriving and parking near Spokane Street and turning it into a bit of a cluster as I was leaving at 10:00.
  4. There we are!

    What a treat Bob, and thanks for sharing. I'm jealous, I've never seen them at LP and I've spent quite a bit of time on that beach.
  5. Took my brother who is visiting from Californi out today for a little fishing while we let my crab pots soak a few hours. We ended up hooking over 40 and landed 19 (all released). There was another boat fishing near us that were doing equally as good. The problem is is that they kept keeping every fish they caught. I informed them of the limit to no avail. By the time they left they had in excess of 20 pinks on board. I took a photo of the blue hulled Bayliner, unfortunately it had a couple of numbers missing from it's boat ID numbers. I don't want to offend anyone so I will leave their race out of it. I'm guessing the boat ID number thing was done intentionally. I will be forwarding it to WDFG for all the good it will do. I was spitting mad at their flagrant disreguard at the possession laws. The bastards.
  6. Blktailhunter, were you by any chance in the East Waterway this morning?
  7. I was, but not near the Spokane Bridge zoo.
  8. Yeah, I just put two and two together because you told me that you were letting crab pots soak. I was in the red pontoon flyfishing that you helped net a couple of fish for me. You must be speaking of the two guys ( race left out) in the Bayliner on my left correct? Had I realized that, I would have called WDFG myself, but I left just before you did. That was a good spot that I will be taking a friend to in the morning for a repeat (hopefully).

    Anyway, thanks again for the help. I owe you a beer sometime. Nice to meet you.
  9. I'd have called the poaching hotline as soon as I noticed that they were going over the limit. Good on you for getting the photo. I would also have taken photos of their boat, zooming in as much as possible. I carry a cell phone (turned off to save the battery and thwart interruptions) and camera, as well as a marine radio with me, even on my hybrid canoe and yak. I hate greedy poachers. Please do forward whatever info you have on them. It might help bust them, if not now, then in the future.

  10. well i dont mind offending anyone, every day i have been out i have seen boats overloaded with white people, keeping everything, i even watched as fish were transfered from one boat to another, which sped off and returned shortly, these guys have no problem when the fish are thick, keeping 20 apiece i bet, its all in the south sound at redondo, they dont have crab pots but seem to return with crabs, they are all white, and the most rude people i have ever seen. they are all white as crackers and happen to be russian. i'm sorry if reporting observations is racist, i keep forgeting we are not supposed to report observations of groups unless they are white, but these guys are close enough i figure.
  11. You would think the pink runs would be a slam dunk for enforcement to make money on tickets. But I have never once seen enforcement while I've been out fishing pinks.

    The WDFW Enforcement Poaching Hotline (including the texting option) is ONLY operable Mon-Fri 8A-5P. Outside of those hours you MUST call your local Washington State Patrol office to report the violation. WSP dispatches WDFW Officers 24/7/365. The numbers for the WSP Offices are in the hunting and fishing regulations.
  13. Good to know some reporting methods don't work on weekends.

    There are lots of instructions in the pamphlet, about reporting poaching.

    Here is the simplest and easiest to remember.:


    Here are the WA state patrol numbers:

    Washington State Patrol phone numbers:
    Aberdeen/Hoquiam (360) 533-5707
    Bellevue (425) 649-4370
    Bellingham (360) 676-2076
    Bremerton 360) 478-4646
    Burlington (360)757-1175
    Centralia/Chehalis (360) 748-6633
    Ephrata (509) 754-3571
    Gig Harbor (253) 858-8800
    Long Beach Peninsula (360) 533-5707
    Longview/Kelso (360) 577-2050
    Marysville (360) 658-1345
    Olympia (360) 596-1999
    Port Angeles (360) 452-3394
    Shelton (360) 426-6674
    Spokane (509) 456-4101
    Tacoma (253) 536-6210
    Vancouver (360) 260-6333
    Wenatchee (509) 663-9721
    Yakima (509) 575-2320
  14. Had an epic morning with a friend in the salt. Mostly all males with the biggest going 8 or 9 lbs. "JB" from the forum came along and I introduced myself to him......nice guy. In reference to the blue Bayliner taking fish yesterday, it was there again today. It is two non-american nationality younger guys. Not Russian and not Native American, so there is pretty much only one other that you see snagging etc. Boat ID is WN #9#26#LB. Numbers are missing on the ID. They fished right next to me and I counted the fish. Once they got 4 a piece and continued fishing I called the WDFG and reported them. They heard me on the phone and left because I verifed with them that the possesion limit was four and not 20 like yesterday. A mistake is one thing, but scumbags like that don't deserve to share the air I breathe and can fuck off and die in their boat today for all I care. Zero tolerance for ignorance and greed.
  15. Nice to meet you out there Jamie - I saw the Blue Bayliner and recalled your post, but naively thought that it couldn't be the same boat (saw a handful of blue bayliners out there). Thanks for responding the way you did.

    FWIW per the posted schedule ( the tribal nets go in today - not sure at what time. That would explain all of the Muckleshoot tribal members present in their boats and occasionally fishing with a rod. Looks like they're on a five day schedule Sunday-Friday, and while the regs in the above link are even less clear than those in the pamphlet - it looked like they'll be in for either one or two weeks. Possibly more - maybe someone can comment if they have a better idea.

    Not sure how things will work out this time, but back in '09 in my experience once the nets went in it was lights out. If the run really is later this year maybe there's a chance that fish will continue to move in during the weekends, or persist after the netting period is over. Seemed like it went on for multiple weeks in '09 but perhaps either my memory is faulty or the duration of the netting is actually different this time.
  16. The nets go in at 6pm tonight and will stay in until next Friday, according to a netter I talked with today.

    Took my son and and one of his fellow soldiers out day. They just about from Yakima after three weeks of per-deployment training and needed some R&R. Got a late start due to the fog, but we still boated 17 and lost an equal number. They both took one fish home for dinner. Did I mention how U hate fishing weekends? There should be a boating etiquette class before you are allowed to drive a boat?
  17. Caught my first one of the year off a South Sound beach today around 4:00pm. Nice female in the 7-8lb range. What a kick!
  18. I am so tired of the effing nets and snaggers.

    Last week, they took in 150,000 lbs of pinks between 2 boats in one day. That is approximately 30-40k fish.
    Now they are planning to net tonight till Friday, when will this ever stop.

    The biggest snag fest I have seen all weekend came from the container docks.
    Those 3 a-holes snagged around 15 fish while we watched. I left the WSP a text but no reply.

    I am calling the people at Matson container company tomorrow and port of Seattle to bitch.

  19. This is my first year fishing for Pinks in Washington (and my first year back in the state since 2001.) Is the netting going to completely kill fishing? Is it work my time to go to Tacoma area beaches on Tuesday. Do any fish go around the nets?

  20. It's my understanding that on Thursday Sept 1st, the duwee below Spokane will be open daily. Can anyone confirm this since the regs are as clear as mud. We stayed away from the madness this weekend and sounds like from all the boat traffic that it was a good decision.

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