August Pink Reports

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by jwg, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Chris Bellows

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    that's how i read the regs.
  2. stevebomber

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    Interesting, lived in the Seattle area for 20+ years, didn't hear any Russian being spoken until I started hanging out at Alki in West Seattle. I guess there's a sizable russian population in west seattle?

    I don't doubt this report at all. Was at Spokane all day today, a family to the right of me. Young adult, 20-30, not russian or hispanic, caught at least 6 pinks. They left all their garbage there, Icehouse light cans... one of which made it into the river.

    Luckily some people came afterwards with heavy-duty garbage cans and clean up after them.
  3. P.Dieter

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    nets went out on inner elliott bay fishery and fishing died
  4. bigman

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    Read my post on page 24 about the WDFW Poaching Hotline and the Texting program. It is only operable Mon-Fri 8A-5P. Outside of those hours you MUST call the Washington State Patrol, NOT WDFW!
  5. mtskibum16

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    What a bummer reading all these posts about poaching! I'm glad people are doing the right thing and reporting them though.

    Anyways, went out to PnP Sunday morning. I got there at 7 and people were already leaving with fish and a number of them on the beach. Over the next couple hours I saw a couple more come in (one on a fly) but not too much action. The boats started getting thick and hooking up frequently around 8:30-9. Lots of junk in the water after that so I bagged it arond 9:30. It was fun getting out there but man has my casting suffered after a few years with not much fishing! haha
  6. Oldtoy

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    Poaching assholes who don't pay a cent are catching fish but I, who pay for my right to fish, am not...just isn't right.
  7. JayB

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    Seems like the netting in the sound is much less likely to kill off the fishing entirely since as of yet no one is setting nets that span the entire channel. In this particular setting, the nets are spread from opposite sides of the channel and you've got to be one lucky fish to make it through. If there are still fish heading to the Puyallup, I'd think you've still got a decent shot even if there's netting going on.

    FWIW back in 2009 the nets went in around the 9th (I think), and it seemed like the main pulse of fish had passed through at that time. The fishing didn't open until the 1st, and when I dropped by the Spokane street bridge on the 29th or so there were already 50-100K fish milling around in the east channel.

    From what I've seen, the numbers were just starting to really build as of yesterday, so I'd expect that the main pulse of fish is going to run strait into the nets during this run. What that means for subsequent runs is anyone's guess, and I don't have the background to know if there's a point of which so many fish are in the system that you can retain everything beyond that number and not affect the health of the run - but my hunch is that this will have a negative impact on returns in '11.
  8. JayB

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    Is this harvest info available anywhere online?
  9. Blktailhunter

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    That's they way I remember it. It opened on Sept. 1st and we had about a week of fishing before the nets went up and killed it. Now they are in a before the Sept. 1st sport fishing opener effectively killing the sport fishing before it even opens up on a daily basis. Got to say that stinks. Why couldn't they wait the extra few days like they did in 2009 and give the sport guys a shot and some fun?
  10. Blktailhunter

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    Anyone know what the netters do with their fish? Cat food or fertilizer? They sure don't properly care for the Pinks they net to make good table fare.
  11. Eric Tarcha

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    pellets for our hatchery fish.

    i dont really know that, but it wouldn't surprise me.
  12. Evan Burck

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    Or crab bait
  13. Ian Broadie

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    Took the boy out this morning and I was surprised that he made it about three hours, he was able to cast gear for a while, and I went 1 for 1 during a rather slow morning on the mighty Snoho.
  14. Matthew Gulbranson

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    Too bad it was quiet. I took a neighbor kid out on Sunday morning. He didn't catch anything, but I went 5 for 7. Not many of the gear guys did very well despite the tons of fish in the river. Every fish I landed still had sea lice and no signs of any hump yet. I wish I could fish on weekdays.
  15. P.Dieter

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    people are such whiners I hesitate to say anything but the nets are out of inner elliott bay. I think the mush mouthed muckleshoot hotline (very hard to understand what he's saying) says they they went to an emergency closure at noon today.

    Please note that the fishery is also still closed thru Aug for weekday recreational fishing.
  16. yellowlab

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    They prob market it to the Asian markets for the 'new' gourmet ikura aka roe.
  17. Stonefish

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    Give it a sexy name like Silver Bright or Keta like they do with chum. Promote it as being better then Sockeye due to its mild taste. Some poor soul at Safeway will buy it.
    How about Muckleshoot Pride Pink Delicious? Is that sexy enough to sell a sunburned humpy?
  18. JayB

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    Must have been something fairly significant to warrant such a drastic action. Kudos to them for acting on whatever info prompted them to pull the nets.
  19. Peter Pancho

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    any reports?
  20. JayB

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    Good report from Dash Point via a gear forum, e.g. limit in an hour. Sounds like fishing was pretty decent there over the weekend as well.