August Pink Reports

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by jwg, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. brif4i

    brif4i New Member

    nada at picnic point this afternoon on the incomming tide other than a couple of stikes from a little SRC that was jumping and rolling around. Also ALOT of seaweed in the water today
  2. 8/4 Dash Point Report

    Fished 5:00 to 8:00 AM Low, incoming tide.

    Fished the frist 90 min way down beach so I can't report on numbers from the gear crowd. Fished the last 90 min near the dock and saw 4 taken on gear and one on a fly (by me !). In general it seemed slower than mon/tues (I didn't fish wed).

    Dock was full of people, about 15-20 gear guys on the beach.
  3. Like Tool Fly I saw a big jump way out while on the ferry albeit headed the other direction, towards Seattle.
  4. Jim Mcallister

    Jim Mcallister AKA stillwater guy

    last friday I took my first pink on afly at hoodsport . what a rush
  5. bigdan

    bigdan New Member

    Fished Dash Point last night. . . nothing
  6. seaalki

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  7. knotabassturd

    knotabassturd New Member

    Nice job on the pink today Ron!:D Wasn't much going on after you left, although 2 gear guys hooked into a double near where you were at after you left. That was about all the action after you left up to about 9 AM.

    PS- I counted 42 people on the lengthwise segment of the pier. It is going to be a crowded year. There was the usual cluster at the end point too and a fair amount off the face pointed toward the deeper water. Hope I can figure this fly thing out so the hardware can stay in the trunk:)
  8. Steve Saville

    Steve Saville Active Member

    Later this morning on the outgoing tide the water came alive. The fish were close in to the dock so bamnk anglers didn't do so well but I would guess I saw more than a hundred fish caught on the dock by 1 P.M. when I left. I lost two to LDR this morning. Can't figure what's happening yet but plan to work it out.
  9. Wollybooger

    Wollybooger New Member

    Ft. Flagler this AM from 6am to 9am. High tide was 8:30. The 1st 30 minutes was active with bait fish and big swirls at the surface. No takes...other than 4 or 5 shakers. Nobody else there. After 6:30 am all water within casting distance was stagnant and inactive. smaller fish (8-10 in) were jumping 50+ yds off shore. Bait guys and buzz bombers showed up at 7:30. Nobody hooked up between 7:30 and the time I left around 9am.
  10. Go Fish

    Go Fish Language, its a virus

    You must of purchased the
    Discover Tax Pass. I'm sure
    the park was empty like most
    of the State Parks. You can't even
    drive through without it. F it.
    Cheaper to get a camp-site than
    pay for the pass.
  11. Greg Armstrong

    Greg Armstrong Active Member

    Spent a couple hours on Saratoga Pass this afternoon, towards the north end next to Camano. Saw a pod (4 - 5 jumpers) about 200' feet out and heading north fast. Nice to just get to see my first pinks of the year! These are most likely Skagit R. fish I suppose, within a few miles of the mouth already.

    Guess I'll have to tie two flylines together and work on getting that extra distance out there to reach 'em...!
  12. TheHunt

    TheHunt Member

    Went to BP hooked up and lost. There were many folks out there fishing as well. Six fish were banked/shored while I was there all were pinks
  13. Blktailhunter

    Blktailhunter Active Member

    Thanks for that report. Saves me some gas money tomorrow morning.
  14. Tom Johnston

    Tom Johnston Been around a while

    Fished BP from 6-7 last night. Saw nothing caught while there. Alot of NEWBIE fisherman. Some people dont realize that a back cast on a fly rod can be dangerous! Did talk to one guy on way out who said they were in thick yesterday morning. Had one ignorant buzz bomber casting over me and looking the other way when I stopped and stared at him shaking my head. Hope he does not catch anything this whole season!!!!!
  15. Tool Fly

    Tool Fly Member

    Just back from a recon of some local W. Sea beaches not named Lincoln. Ironically, I picked up one of the nicer cutts of the year (at only 10-11" it tells you I have yet to find the big boys) on a small pink comet-style adaption, but no sign of pinks or coho. I did some driving and scouting looking for pods of fish but saw nada. Nothing like being on the water before most people's alarm clocks have even gone off. I'm usually that guy who sleeps right through it when works calls...
  16. 8/5 Dash Point report

    Fished 5:00 to 8:00 AM

    Dock was full, about 15 guys wading, 3 or 4 with fly rods.

    I only saw 4 fish hooked.

    Ugghhh it felt really slow this morning ..... When are we going to see fish in good numbers???
  17. Jim Mcallister

    Jim Mcallister AKA stillwater guy

    If anybody is interested Iwill be tying flies at cabelas tomorrow am till 11.30 am at their salmon classic Ican teach tubes clousers and buck tails . hope to see some of you guys there.
  18. jfogliani

    jfogliani New Member

    fished a north sound beach this AM - nothing to note - no pinks. couple of tackle guys though chucking artillery - though they didn't land any fish either
  19. Stonefish

    Stonefish Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater

    I find it ironic that folks willingly fish DP and BP knowing it will likely be a complete cluster, yet still bitch about the buzz bombers.
    Last time I looked, Puget Sound has salmon runs every year. Perhaps fishing the sound year round or on non humpy years will show you what you are truly missing. Pinks are just a small part of the puzzle.
    Just a thought.........
  20. aaronk

    aaronk Member

    Fished a Whidbey beach tonight and caught two. The guys chucking buzz bombs were all skunked :p